Restaurant you want to stop by after surfing to Chiba Minamiboso

If you go to the Sea of ​​Chiba, you want to drop in here.

1.Tonkatsu Kobuta head office

It is easy to stop by because there is just before riding the high -speed on the mountain road even with a full -scale belly hungry peco

2.Uninjudgment (Unmit)

It's only open at night, so please stay in Chiba for a meal at night when you stay in Chiba. If it is not the early time zone, you will have to wait endlessly

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3. Aihama -tei

Click here when you want to eat fisherman food fishfish in a fishing port close to Hirasabura

4.Sato Kaikado FUSABUSA (Fusabusa)

Kamogawa Keio It is easy to stop by surfing a couple in front of the surf point in front of the apartment

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5.Flower brewery (Hananokura)

It is open in a private house that is only in the afternoon, and it is difficult to find the place quite a bit.

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6.Bingo (Bingo)

Official information

The hamburger shop Saba sandwich at Miyoshi no Road Station is also delicious. In the afternoon, 100 % of the line Japanese beef sells 11: 00-16: 00 It may be difficult to go outside of the day after shifting time.

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