[Recommended for SHOPIFY and EC site management! ] What is a BI tool? Introducing recommended BI tools!

by Takushi Matsuura

Everyone who runs SHOPIFY EC site
Are you using the BI tool?

In the first place, we will introduce what is a BI tool, the purpose of the BI tools, the recommended BI tools for the SHOPIFY site.

If you haven't been able to use the BI tool yet, or if you are wondering which BI tool to use, please take a look!

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What is a BI tool?

What is the BI tool BI?Business InterigeneSEThe abbreviation of "is to extract and analyze various data and numerical values, and use the results for the management judgment of the site management.

This BI tool plays a very important role in sites that continue to correct trajectory while considering the results.

If you analyze it yourself without using a BI tool, the cost performance will be worse, such as taking a huge amount of time, making mistakes in numbers, or forgetting the necessary data.

By using the BI tool, you can analyze and process data accumulated through the site, and easily produce results on graphs and charts.

Now that the types of data that can be extracted are increasing, it is important to introduce BI tools that match each site and operate the site more.

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Looker Studio

Google data portalfreeIt is a BI tool that can be used in.

GoogleアナリティクスやGoogle Search Console、Google広告といった各種のGoogleの機能だけでなく、Mata広告やYahoo広告、Instagram、Twitterなど様々なサービスと接続可能になっており、それらのデータを集計しレポートを作成しYou will be.

* However, when connecting to an external service, API linkage is required.

Basic use is free, but some of the report templates include paid ones.

It is a good idea to choose a template that is easy to understand the information you need on your site.

There is also a tutorial of usage, so it is easy to use for beginners.


Tableau is a major feature that the report is very easy to understand.

There are three plans, each$ 15/month$ 42/month$ 70/monthIt is.

The dashboard looks very easy to understand, and you can compare data intuitively. I think that many people are not good at reporting data, but it is a relatively easy tool for such people.


DOMO is a BI tool that can be used for a fee, like Tableau. However, there is no charge plan and you need to contact us.

This is also a very easy -to -use UI, and many companies in Japan have been introduced as an introduction example.

Power Bi Connector

Power Bi Connector is a SHOPIFY app with a BI tool function.
The fee for this app isfree$ 29/month$ 89/month$ 249/monthThere is a plan.

This is a SHOPIFY app, which is the perfect app for those who want to analyze the SHOPIFY site.

However, because it is an overseas app, the management screen is in English, so I think some people feel a little difficult to use.

It is a recommended app for those who have no problem with English and want to analyze the SHOPIFY store!


What did you think.
If you think that the data is accumulated but it has not been used well, and if you want to improve the site and make it a better site, please try these BI tools!



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