[Production case] JAPANNEXT SHOPIFY site construction



A Japanese display maker that develops, manufactures and sells LCD display (LCD monitor) products. It supports high -definition screen resolutions such as 4K, and handles low -priced LCD display products while having high specs.

We are aiming to improve people's lives by improving the way of interacting with the digital world and providing products that can become "self -want to be more", not only in products. Through sponsorship that can do things, we are also actively supporting game communities.

Project overView

We have been interviewed several times about issues that are operating EC every day and what is expected in the renewal. Among them, it is decided to renew the design with global EC, and we are in charge of dropping designs to SHOPIFY, built including theme customization, installation of necessary apps, installation, manual creation and lecture, etc. bottom. We ask everyone who is in charge of sales marketing and management to your opinions and requests, and we also customize the conductors and interfaces. We have supported applications such as expansion applications for narrowing down and search functions, re -stock notifications, reviews, favorite, wholesale functions, specification and invoices for invoices.



Produced a site design based on the brand guidelines and design kamp. The background of being aiming to be a "manufacturer who can fight in the world", I tried to get a sophisticated impression. There was a point that some of the registration at the time of the migration would take some time manually, but it was designed so that the product template could be created by mass production of the content. The product page also has customizes that follow a specific menu, such as product specifications and videos, and a conductor to each mall.


We will propose a wide range of proposals according to your needs, project content, and budget, such as Shopify construction, advertising, creative.

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Go Ride

Go Ride is a digital creative house that supports EC businesses at Yokohama and LA as SHOPIFY official "SHOPIFY PLUS PARTNER".


One -stop offered from EC construction to advertising operation.