[Production case] Gold's Gymania -like Shopify construction

by Rin Hirashin

About Gold's Gymania

Gold's Gymania is the official online store developed by the world's largest fitness club "Gold's Gym".

We sell products that are recommended with confidence for full -fledged weight training and athletes, from supplements to clothing and fitness accessories.

Project overView

Transfer project from EC-CUBE to SHOPIFY. I was in charge of design proposals, construction, custom theme, installing and setting apps.

Site TOP page PC
Site TOP page SP


We selected colors and fonts according to the brand image, and aimed for a site that is simple and easy to search for products for each purpose. By dividing the category into [supplement], [training gear accessories], and [apparel], the specifications can be smoothly searched for the target product. For supplements and protein products, we have also implemented our regular app GO SUBSCRIDE developed.

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Rin Hirashin

Account Manager/Designer

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