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With the philosophy of "the best fitness to everyone", the introduction of the Fitness Fitness Company Co., Ltd., which handles a wide range of fitness products from supplements to training machines, and the case introduction of the Fitness Shop official online store operated by THINK Fitness Co., Ltd. I will do it.

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GORIDE performed a transition project from EC-CUBE to SHOPIFY. I was in charge of design proposals, construction, custom theme, installing and setting apps. In addition, each product has a VIP point using Metafield, and a system in which points accumulate each time purchased. This point system is managed through Metafield and provides a consistent customer experience.

Furthermore, the fitness shop is closely linked to the sister company, Gold Gym, and has been working on the development of various linkage functions such as social media links. These efforts contribute to the construction of a stronger brand image along with the provision of information to customers.

It also provides map position information for all stores, so you can easily find fitness shops and gold gym stores. This further enhances the convenience of customers and is promoting the integration of real store experiences and online shopping experiences.

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Added information to the product metafield and added data to indicate how many VIP points each product correspond. Every time a customer purchased a product, the customer points were tracked and increased through metafields, so that the information was saved. This system has increased the number of points you get, increasing the convenience and joy of purchasing for customers.

In order to strengthen cooperation between fitness shops and gold gyms, we centrally managed various factors, including social media links, and deepened cooperation. This enabled a unified message between the two brands, improving the user experience.

GORIDE manages all of these processes and promptly respond when problems occur. This project has contributed to the construction of a new e -commerce experience and the improvement of brand value.

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