Perfect for drive! Samersoni 2015 Featured artist 3

About one month since Samasoni 2015, which showed a big excitement! Introducing the artists who have attracted attention among them! CIRCA WAVES YK1_5619-720X480

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Appeared in Samasoni 2015 at noon on the first day. It has been a appearance for the second consecutive year Young, Circle Waves, a UK garage lock. P_20150815_134731 The debut album is released, and they are riding now, and they are not young With a high performance power, the venue was dropped into an enthusiasm. Their debut "Young Chals" is perfect for a sunny day. There are plenty of songs with a small tempo. The song that was the best excitement in Samasoni 2015T-shirt Weather. It is a very good and easy to listen song. Best coast 001

Photo: Summersonic/PresS

At Samasoni 2015, it appeared on both days in Tokyo. Indylock duo from Los Angeles At the venueVocal Vesanny's fascinating voice and Bob who manipulates various instruments, It was a live show where the charm of them was fully drawn out. P_20150815_164401 Their attractions are the unique loafi feeling. The sound feels looseness, but also refreshing. As in the band called "Best Coast", it is good to accompany the drive along the coast. "Crazy for you" from their representative song, 1st album. There is a unique atmosphere that can only be reached in BEST COAST! Tuxedo O080005191339144503

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At Samasoni 2015, it appeared on both days in Tokyo. Maeyer Hawsorn with a soulful singing voice and a duo of Jake Wan, an up -and -coming producer. This time, I appeared in a full band. The excitement of the beach stage was amazing! There were many people who gave it to Samersoni's Visitact this year! Img_0794 Their features are in the sound reminiscent of the 80's Disco Funk. It's perfect to create a chic atmosphere at night! This is the representative song "Do it". A refreshing sound that makes you feel a little nostalgic It feels good! This time, among the artists who appeared in Samasoni 2015, focus on "music that fits drive" I tried it! Please review Samano artists from your own perspective How about?

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