Paul Walker actor's late Paulwalker Surfing

Movie Wild Speed ​​7 (Paul Walker with FAST as a remains (accidental accident due to traffic accidents)) Here is a post on his Facebook (comment in commemoration of International Surfing Day).
"Surfing Sathes Me, It's Always Been a Kind of Zen Experience for Me. The Ocean is so magnification, peaceful, and ... Posted by Paul Walker ON Friday, JUNE 20, 2014

"Surfing is a kind of Zen -like feeling that always makes you relax. The sea is very magnificent, gentle and wonderful. The rest of the world disappears and goes somewhere."

Paul, who loved surfing, was also enthusiastic about charity activities, and he was on the way to charity when he had a traffic accident. I sincerely pray for your soul. By the way, the following Wild Speed ​​official song is a memorial of Paul. See You Again, Paul. "See You Again" Wiz Kalifa feat Charlie Puth Furious 7

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