[Parking] Minato Mirai's parking lot HACK technique 9 selections

Source: From each company website The destination, Minato Mirai, who frequently appears on going out, Going out on a car on weekends and holidays is worrisome if the parking fee is high. This is an introduction because there is a parking service that is actually a great deal in Minato Mirai.

1.TSUTAYA & Starbucks underground parking lot First 30 minutes free & Starbucks purchase free of 1 hour and 30 minutes for 20 minutes/300 yen

MM Tsutaya This is the first 30 minutes free and if you shop for more than 300 yen with TSUTYA or Starbucks, you can add one hour free and 1 hour and 30 minutes free. After that, it will be 300 yen for 20 minutes, so be careful as it will be the price of Roppongi. Please see this article for how comfortable the TSUTAYA and Starbucks of Minato Mirai are.Spot Note Minato Miraii

2.Minato Mirai Point Card(No problem even with a point card without credit function) Markizes and Land Mark Tower are applied

SCREEN SHOT 2015-09-24 at 12.41.40 PM If you have this card, in the parking lot of Markizes, Landmark TowerThe first hour is freeWill be! It is free even if you are not shopping. It is very convenient and advantageous, you can easily make it in the mall, and you will earn shopping points, so those who frequently come to Minato Mirai are must. Recently, the Markiz parking lot is often full on weekends, probably because of this card spread. If you want to park at Markiz and shop, it is better to come by about 11 o'clock and do lunch! * Note The parking lot of Queen's Square is not the discount of the Minato Mirai Point Card!

3. Car wash

Car wash place 1 Car Care Center @ Landmark Tower Underground Parking Lot This is a method that can be used in Tokyo, but there are also stores in Roppongi Hills and Ginza.Car care centerIs in the underground parking lot of the Landmark Tower. It is a method of leaving the car here and having the car washing car washing, finishing shopping and meals, and receiving a parking ticket. The Car Care Center is very relieved because it carries professional cars very carefully every time. CAR CARE Car wash place 2 Super Auto Bucks Minato Mirai Store @ Shin -Takashima It will come out later, but for Minato MiraiSuper AUTOBACSThere is a (although it is close to Shin -Takashima), so it is possible to leave the car here and wash the car and do business at Minato Mirai. By the way, there is a discount on rainy days. [Car Wash] If you wash your car, a rainy day!? Discount rate 50%?

4.World Porters

Perhaps this is probably the lowest price in the parking lot in Minato Mirai, a 3-4 minute walk near the landmark tower and Queen's Square, and if you make a bath day card for three days before and after the birthday, it will be free all day. We are providing service, so if you are the target, please come. In addition, it is a great service of 1000 yen for weekdays and free after 18:00. SCREEN SHOT 2015-09-24 at 12.23.51 PM SCREEN SHOT 2015-09-24 at 12.24.20 PM

5. Minato Mirai Yokohama Museum of Art Parking Lot

It is opposite the center of Minato Mirai's center, so it may be good to use it when the Markiz parking lot is full on the weekend. The first 500 yen for the first 90 minutes is relatively cheap in this area. Yokohama MuseumOfficial site Monthly Fri Friday, Sunday and holidays 10: 00-21: 00 90 minutes 500 yen 90 minutes to 30 minutes 250 yen

6. Pacifico Yokohama

Official site 7: 00-24: 00 30 minutes 270 yen, 540 yen per hour 0: 00-7: 00 30 minutes 130 yen, 260 yen per hour [Weekday discounts] 7: 00-24: 00 is up to 1,350 yen (applied date: Weekdays, excluding specific dates) [Holiday discount] 7: 00-24: 00 is up to 1,850 yen (applied date: weekends and holidays and specific dates) The attraction of this parking lot is that the maximum fee is set on weekends and holidays, and it is cheap. The point is that it is possible to get in and out for 24 hours! It is a perfect parking lot for those who want to spend a day in Minato Mirai on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. Other than here, I do not know where there is a limit on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays in the center of Minato Mirai. In addition, it is almost directly connected to Queens Square, so you can enjoy shopping without getting wet even on rainy days.

-Even from here, you want to park cheaply even if you walk a little 10 minutes--

7. Minato Mirai Super AUTOBACS First 1 hour Free AUTOBACS Member Shopping over 1000 yen 30 minutes/500 yen

It is located near the station in the Shin -Takashima area, and the parking lot is easy to stop. By the way, if it is a rainy day, the car wash is half price. Click here for detailsIf you wash your car, a rainy day is advantageous AUTOBACS

8. Times Minato Mirai No. 2

Monday to Friday day 1 day maximum fee 1300 yen (until 24:00) Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays on the day of the day maximum fee 2000 yen (until 24:00) There is a Times parking on the way to the Landmark Tower from Magaru Road Station. However, it is an outdoor parking lot, and it takes about 7 minutes on foot to the landmark, so it is quite painful on rainy days. A convenient point for those who want to go sightseeing on the carriageway, the large pier, and the Yamashita Park area. SCREEN SHOT 2016-02-12 at 12.33.31 PM

9. Trust Park Yokohama Blue Avenue High roof If it is not a car roof car, even cheaper parking

Nearby at Shin -Takashima Station, it is diagonally opposite Super AUTOBACS. However, be careful as business hours are from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm. On weekends and holidays, the price goes up, so it is advantageous to use during the daytime on weekdays. Weekdays maximum fee Normal car 800 yen High roof car 1000 yen and super cheap. This is likely to be the cheapest for those who have an errand in Yokohama Station. Img_0826 How was it? Minato Mirai, who is just right for driving from Tokyo, please enjoy using the above information. You may be worried about this article You can save money in a cafe or restaurant with parking services in Shibuya, Aoyama, and Omotesando. 35 selections of around 5000 yen in Yokohama, Tokyo, which is perfect for casual dates that can be easily reached Of course, it will save you a share, so please come by all meansGo RidePlease share and enjoy Yokohama Minato Mirai :) MADOKA BUS3

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