North Face founder Doug Topkins Death died in Kayak in Patagonia, his documentary film

Northface, a popular outdoor brand in Japan, has died, Doug Topkins.
72 years old Patagonia was overturned during kayak and became a person who did not return.
Dagtopikins loved a big adventure and was enthusiastic about environmental protection activities.
It is a legend that about 40 years ago while surfing and climbing from California to Chile in South America in South America is a legendary, and it is reflected in the following movies.
The person who will appear in the long -term surf lip is a must -look movie.
This is also the documentary movie Mountain of Storms
The North Face was founded in the Beach Area in San Francisco in 1969 and began as a small ski shop.
Doug Topkins also founded an apparel brand ESPRIT with his wife at the time.
Later, Doug has sold his own shares for $ 1.5 million in US $ 1.5 million, as he hated the values ​​(business industry) of the so -called suits.
He began to actively invest in the money to protect the environment in Chile and Argentina.

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