Outdoor event GLOBAL ARK 2016 @ Tamagawa Campsite

This is the fifth time this yearGlobal ArkWill be held at Tamagawa Campsite, Yamanashi Prefecture for two days, June 4 (Sat) and 5 (Sun). 【Official site】Global Ark 2016 Outdoor festival events focusing on dance music such as techno and house at gorgeous DJs in Japan and overseas! There are many people who participate in camps (tents nights), and there are many hot springs nearby, so it is an irresistible event for outdoor lovers. (Please contact us for details from the official website for details on the purchase of advance tickets.) It's more fantastic at night Global Ark Night Annual Instagram

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[Acting artist] Ground AREA Eduardo de la Calle (Cadenza, Analog Solution, Hivern Discs/Spa) NAX_ACID (Aconito Records, Phorma, Informa, Kontrafaktum/UK, ITA) Artman a.k.a. dj k.u.D.O. DJ MIKU Kaoru INOUE Hideo Kobayash (Fuente Music) GO HIYAMA (Hue Helix) Tomo hachiga (hydrant / nt.lab) Matsunami (Tribute) Naosisoan (Global Ambient Star) DJ AGEISHI (AHB PRO.) River Area DJ KENSEI Ebz a.k.a code e DJ BIN (Stargate Recordings) Aquira (MTP / Supertramp) R1 (Horizon) PLEASURE CRUISER (Love Hotel Records / RBMA) DJ Dante (Push ..) DJ MOCHIZUKI (IN THE MIX) Shiba@FREEDOMSUNSET Enuoh Ozmzo Aka Sammy (Hell M.E.T) Kojiro + NGT. (Digi-Lo-T.) SHIGETO TAKAHASHI (Time & Things) Nabe (FINAL ESCAPE) Komagome (ripple-hamon-) AGBWORLD (indigo tribe) TMR JAPAN (PlayGroundFamily / CANOES BAR TAKASAKI) PEAT (ASPIRE) Wood Lounge TARO ACIDA (DUB SQUAD) Six -string poet DAI (FORTE / Chazawa Otogan) Zen ○ Twicelight DJ KAZUKI (Push ..) Alone (Transit/Law Tension) Yamanta (Cult Crew/Bio Sound) Toragon (Hippie Twist/Nigayomogi) Dubo (ILINX) MUCCHI (Red Eye)
Global Ark 2016 June 4, 2016 (Sat) and 5 (Sun) Venue: Yamanashi Tamagawa Camp Village
【Official site】 Global Ark 2016
After all it is in the mountains, so access by car is convenient for about 2 hours from the city center
By all meansGo Ride! Please do!
The official website also recommends a phase from the limit on the number of parking lots!

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