[OUTDOOR] Athletics Athletics with Hakone Forest Adventure Autumn

source:Forest adventure
Nature symbiotic outdoor parkforest adventure Is Hakone a hot spring? autumn leaves? But there is such a full -fledged athletic park. Let's be able to exercise in earnest. It is completely athletic clothes because it will be muddy! Everyone from elementary school to adults. It seems good to see the autumn leaves in addition to Hakone Drive, and return to the hot springs on the way home. The fee is 3600 yen for adults, which is not cheap, but zip lining is full -fledged!
It seems that this forest adventure is based on the concept of creating a park that originally originated in France and using the forest. It seems to be able to sweat by touching the great nature. I would like to take a lot of time to solve the lack of exercise and enjoy it with about 4 people! Now before it gets cold, now is the best season to exercise! You can check the progress of the autumn leaves of Hakone on this site.Hakone NaviYou're already starting to color. It would be great if you could see the autumn leaves like this photo.

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