On the Marks Winter Craft Beer Festival in Kawasaki

An event where you can enjoy craft beer nationwide will be held at the first floor restaurant space of Kawasaki's guest house on the Marks. 2/7 (Sun) 6:00 PM will be held at ON THE MARKS Kawasaki. Enjoy the drinking of craft beer in a modern and relaxing space. This time, to commemorate the craft beer festival, we announced "participation" in this event.From 18:00 to 22:00 on the day All craft beers are sold at all sizes 100 yen discountincrease. Only after 22:00 on this day, only Kirin Heartland will be soldLet me do it. (The drinking comparison set is not eligible for the discount.vinegar) In February, "NORTH ISLAND BEER" from HOKKAIDO * IBU becomes more bitter as the bitterness of bitterness ① India Pale Ale / India Pale Ale ALC.7.0 / IBU94 ② Weizen ALC.5.0 / IBU11 ③ Brown Ale / Brown Ale ALC.5.0 / IBU22 In addition, it seems that Kyoto Brewery's beer will be handled as a standard product this month. ・ ・ Do you care what flavor and taste? Please try this opportunity. Feb Beer

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