【Note! ] A large number of bonito -no -eboshi is generated in the Kamakura area

It seems that a large amount of bonito -no -eboshi has occurred in the Shonan and Kamakura areas. Please be careful not only for surfers, but also for those who just take a walk on the beach. By the way, I have been stabbed once during surfing in Minamiboso about three years ago, but the scars still remain on my thighs. I was stabbed when I was waiting for the waves, but it was so intense pain that I couldn't move from that position for about 10 minutes. Please be careful, but if you are stabbed twice, it will be the worst death with anaphylocky shock for the second time, so be careful. Source Instagram

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It seems to be called Blue Bottle in Australia. After being stabbed, it not only turned red, but the skin was peeled and became crunchy. Three years later, there is still left.

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