Magical watches that are cool anywhere in the sea, in the office [PR]


Magical watch collection

If you are in your thirties soon, you want to have a good watch, and if you can, you want to use it for various scenes, from the beach to the office.

I want to get a watch special feature that can be done with this one, wherever you go to the ocean, outdoors, and formally to the office.

In particular, rubber bands have a sporty image, so they can be reused for play and outdoors.

Let's see what scene you can use!
Collaboration:Rodeo drive

Cartier Cartier Calibula de Cartier Diver WSCA0006

CHANEL J12 Marine 38mm H2560

Seiko SEIKO Astron SBXA009

Breitling Breitling Avenger Hurricane X124B89ARX

Longine Heritage Diver L2.795.4.52.0

LOUISVUITTON Watch Escal Time Zone Q5D20

In order from the upper left
  • ① Omega OMEGA Seamaster 300m
  • ② TAG HEUER WAY 1110.BA0910 Aqua Racer
  • ③ Omega OMEGA Seamaster 300m Corexual 41mm
  • ④ (TAG Heuer) Tag Heuer Wak2111. BA0830 Aqua Racer 500m Calibur 5
  • ⑤ Omega OMEGA Seamaster Planet Ocean
A collection of clocks that tickle the fantasy heart of a man from here!

A watch that can be used in the office!

While saying "I'm too relaxed by the manager ~"

With a boiled down, remove the clock and take a break.

Presentation to new clients

Rolex in case I want to go on the royal road without removing it with a new client.

What a different sense of security.

Rolex ROLEX Submarinated Date 116610LN

Proposal to a familiar client who is used to

Even when you give a presentation using a whiteboard, your wristwatches are natural and talkative.

If you combine it with the inner white T, you will see a more refreshing, unpleasant product.

CHANEL J12 Marine H2560

A rubber band sporty but an elegant and heavy Cartier will also be more active in the work that gives you confidence in the presentation

Cartier Cartier Calibula de Cartier Diver WSCA0006

In any scene, the sense of stability of omega makes you feel the outstanding astringent and deep history.

Omega OMEGA Seamaster Aqua Terra Men's

A watch that can be used in the date scene on the way home from work

Shooting cooperation BUBBY'S
I like this New York -style shop for a meeting after work

I always have a gaze on her home on the way home from work ....

Ladies Chanel CHANEL J12 33mm H1628

It's fun to look at the menu and think about it

First of all, deciding to moisturize the throat with a watermelon cocktail, and if you wear your favorite buddy clock, the tension will be higher.

A feeling of openness that can not be said because of the fatigue of overtime work.

Omega OMEGA Sea Master 300m Corexual 41mm

If it is matched, the intimacy of the two is further improved.

CHANEL J12 H1629

I feel like I climbed the stairs above BUBBY's American voluminous banana pie and Rolex.

Rolex ROLEX Yacht Master 40 116622

A clock that can be used on the drive!

Drive scenes Even with casual shorts, even though it is a batch rematch orange, adult style Omega

Omega OMEGA Seamaster Planet Ocean

A watch that can be used in the surf scene

Picking up the surfboard and heading to the sea, the meeting is the best partner rubber band that can be used even in such a case of Minato Mirai, so the surfboard will not be damaged.

A watch that can be used on a drive date

This time, she meets her with her in Minato Mirai

Rubber band Cartier is reliable when escorting to the car firmly

Her tension may be raised unintentionally

Cartier Cartier Calibula de Cartier Diver WSCA0006

I'll select my favorite song and make the air conditioner fully open because it's hot.
While having a conversation.

If you have your favorite clock, you will naturally increase your tension.

A watch that can be used on a holiday lunch date!

Shooting cooperationSanta Monica Third Street Meet Terrace
I forgot at this time that I had a relaxing conversation with a salad and fresh orange juice at the date of the date with her today, and I forgot that I had a good waiting conversation and had a good wait.

Chanel Marine, where the tension is raised when it is matched

Men's CHANEL J12 Marine H2560

Ladies Chanel CHANEL J12 33mm H1628

Omega that shines orange in any scene

Omega OMEGA Seamaster Planet Ocean

Holiday lunch starts with smoothies for sandwiches and salads

TAG HEUER Aqua Racer River S Wak2111.ba0830

Rolex on the royal road is a reliable stability when you actually put it on, the thickness and weight are reliable.

Rolex ROLEX Seedweller Deep Sea De Blue 116660 D-BLUE

Rolex ROLEX Seedweller Deep Shedy Blue 116660 D-BLUE

It seems that the distance to her will be reduced soon

Idabreye IWC Aqua timer Chronograph IWC376802

Seasonal ice cream for the closing dessert This is her favorite food

Play on the beach!

A watch that can be used on the Shonan fireworks display date!

Oh, I saw it ~ What a going to the fireworks display that started and started the traffic jam before arriving at the sea

Every time a fireworks shines, the silhouette of the clock shines at night

The distance between the two will be close to nature if the sound of the waves and fireworks help

Male model wearing:Rolex ROLEX Seedweller Deep Shedy Blue 116660 D-BLUE

Wearing a female model:Ladies Chanel CHANEL J12 33mm H1628

How was it?
Just having one of these watches is cool everywhere and you can feel cool everywhere.

If you have one, it will be a convenient and easy -to -use adult finish.

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