MADOKA's bylon bay report! Local information of hip towns


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Nice to meet you, my name is Madoka! I lived in a town called Byron Bay in Australia for a year and returned to Japan the other day. I will write about my favorite town, BYRONBAY and articles on my hobby trip, so thank you! First of all, I will introduce Byron Bay, my beloved town! Located east on the mainland of Australia, it is known for surfing, yoga, organic, and hippy culture. There are no traffic lights or coin parking in the town, and the opening of chain stores is prohibited. Of course, there are no McDonald's or Starbucks, and there is no famous chain hotel in the beach resode. Instead, it is full of stylish organic cafes, small hostels of private management! Img_8198 Img_0018 ★The Road House Byronbay 6/142 BANGALOW RD, BYRON BAY, NEW SOUTH WALES Processed with vscocam with C1 preset ★Belongil Bistro 6/142 BANGALOW RD, BYRON BAY, NEW SOUTH WALES Img_2433 ★Suffolk Bakery 2 Clifford Street, Suffolk Park, byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia There are a number of stylish cafes that look like this at the distance you can go by bicycle from home, so I was always looking forward to Breakfast.♡I went to Sydney in Australia and Cafe in Melbourne, but I really love the bylon bay cafes! Farmers market where you can get organic vegetables from the farmers once a week. Img_1018 Img_3067 Local children shop with a big basket BAG ...♡Be sure to make fresh fruits and vegetables every Thursday! When walking around the town, music sounds all over the place, and people who dance barefoot and cheerful on the beach. Img_0402 Img_1843 The beach is, of course, how to play. Take a nap, eat fruits brought from home, and watch the sunset. 。 。 Img_2718 Img_1788 Img_3170 Img_3776 Anyway, a slow life where time flows slowly. The opposite is the opposite of Japan's busy days. Video of the road to the beach

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It was a rough introduction of BYRONBAY!

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