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After a year of Australia, from Australia before returning to Japan


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San Fransisco

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LOS Angeles (THEO.C)

Img_6860 I traveled mainly in the United States for about a month and a half. Thailand went to see a Thai girl who was a roommate in Australia, and joined and played with people I met on a previous trip in the United States, and it was a lot of fun! When I often fly around various countries like this,

Money Yabu


How much does it cost? !

I often say that I can go on a trip as cheaply as everyone thinks! If you want a celebrity trip, it's different. smile For example, if I want to go to Australia, Asia, Okinawa, etc.Cheap LCCCheck. (Jet Star/Air ASIA/Peach Airetc) When you sell Okinawa, you can go for 2000 yen one way! It is a standard tool when searching for a cheap ticket

Sky Scanner

If you are traveling, you are familiar, but you will automatically find the cheapest tickets by comparing tickets around the world. Very convenient to adjust the schedule SCREEN SHOT 2016-03-04 at 10.53.10 AM Also, when I look for an inn, I use it a lot


SCREEN SHOT 2016-03-04 at 10.53.39 AM Site. You can get a cheaper hotel than a stylish personal house or a hotel normally. I stayed at Melbourne, Australia, but it was very cute and comfortable! You can also see the reviews of the people who actually stayed! If anyone wants to registerMy introductionIf you register from it, it will come with a coupon, so if you like it, please! I also love staying at a guest house or hostel because friends from all over the world can make it! When there is no rental car in the United States, it's a shared taxiUberDo you use it? This would be natural if it was already there! I actually used it when I went to the airport in the United States, but I can go quite a bit just by having a shared person! I haven't heard that much in Japan yet, but recently the shared service

Go Ride

SCREEN SHOT 2016-03-04 at 10.56.14 AM A site opens! ! Simply put, you can share the place you want to go to and the date and create a schedule just to get on with the people who want to go to the same place! Finally in Japan! If you have this, you can go lightly when you want to go on a long distance! I want to use this in the future! ! !

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