Looking back on the Valentine's measures for US companies in 2022! Introduction of Instagram Campaigns that overturns the concept of Valentine ~ Alternative American V-Day Campaign On Instagram ~


This year, Valentine in the United States has become a business opportunity to make money on Valentine's Campaign using Instagram.
Each company Valentine's Day measures were being strengthened.

In Japan, on February 14th, womenIs passing Valentine chocolate to men, but the opposite is the opposite in the United States.
Valentine in the United States is an event where some people, such as the opposite sex, give messages cards, flowers, gifts, dining together, and propose them.

In this article, we will look back on the campaign measures carried out by each company in 2022.

The famous lingerie brand "Victoria's Secret" in the United States

It is called a lingerie brand if the number of lingerie sales is largest in the United States,Victoria's Secret (Victoria's Secret)
VICTORIA'SCRET is a brand from the United States and sells underwear, clothing, perfume, and beauty products.
Since 1996, we have been making a profit for fashion shows and catalog mail order using models.

Instagram: @victoriasecret @vspink

In the days when it is difficult to visit the store, the number of American companies that are now focusing on campaigns utilizing Instagram video reels is increasing.
In this brand, we introduced products that can be worn by influencers to wear lingerie as everyday clothes.

The brand of this brand has been criticized for being outdated because a slender body model has been used, but recently, "Victoria Secret Pink" for young people, a subsidiary of "Victoria's Sceret". Then, we are conducting campaigns and men's products with plus size models and transgender models.

Lungel brand "Savage x Fenty" produced by artist Rihanna

"Savage x fenty"Is a lingerie brand that has grown as much as "Victoria's Secret".
This year, 2022 compared to the usual year
Men's Valentine's product was also added to Valentine's Collection.
We emphasize the "diversity", which is the brand concept of Rihanna, and provide products that everyone can wear sexy. In this campaign, various races and body models are appointed.

Instagram: @savagexfenty

Men and elderly people participate in Valentine's Campaign.
We conducted a campaign using Instagram video reel functions.

"Adidas Original x Ivy Park", a collaboration collection between "Adidas Original" and "Beyonce"

"Adidas Original x Ivy Park"Is a sportswear collaboration collection in which the famous artist Beyonce and Adidas Original form a partnership.
On February 10, we released a Valentine's collection called "IVY HEART" from the collection of "Adidas Original X Ivy Park". The "IVY HEART" collection offers products from sportswear to sports shoes on the theme of "love".

Instagram: @weareivypark

Valentine campaign for collaboration with influential people

~ Introducing influential people who are active in the world as a campaign-

This campaignThen, Naomi Watanabe, the singer Troye Sivan, actress KarrueChe Tran, actor Tyson Beckford, and global model SHU PEI, etc., participated.

The Beyonce team will soon open an Ivy Park shop in China, Japan and Korea.

Valentine's "Galentine's Day" celebrating with Pandora friends

What is Galetine's Day?

What is "Galetine's Day" in the first place?

"Galentine's Day""GAL" means girls in the United States.
A word that combines "GAL" and "Valentine's Day""Galentine's Day"is.

Valentine's Day in Japan has the concept of celebrating male and female couples,
In Europe and the United States, "Galentine's Day", which celebrates friendship with female friends, has become a hot topic.

World famous jewelry brand Pandora's Galentine's Day campaign

Instagram: @theofficialpandora

Recently Tiktok Star, Addison RAE and singer -songwriter Charli XCX
We were conducting a campaign to celebrate Friends Valentine with a matching bracelet.

Valentine collaboration between "KFC" and "Pillow Pets"

America's"Kentucky Fried Chicken"Is a collaboration product with "Pillow Pets", a stuffed cushion brand for American children.
This is a cushion with the design of KFC's "Original Chicken".

It is an interesting item that can be used as an interior miscellaneous goods and feels familiar.

"KFC X Pillow Pets" also has a campaign tailored to Galentines Day.

Instagram: @kfc @originalpillowpets

Cookie brand "Last Crumb" from online limited LA

Depart Los AngelesLast CrumbIs a latest brand cookie that uses non -mass -produced strategies.

Consumers are more than ever in the screen due to the corona.
Speaking, in words, premium products, luxury products,
It seems that the demand for luxury experiences has been greatly increased, and it has developed high -quality cookies.

Instagram: @lastcrumb

Last CrumbIn the campaign, we proposed a way to enjoy Valentine alone in the Valentine campaign that overturns the concept of "Valentine Day celebrating with a couple".


In 2022, companies introduced the Valentine Marketing Campaign utilizing Instagram.

How was it?

CompetitorsTo increase the number of attractive campaigns by making a difference
If you are developing a Valentine Marketing Campaign, please try to devise it with reference to the US case!

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