Location and stock allocation function by SHOPIFY MARKET that is convenient for cross -border EC [Early Access]

by Toyo Hirashima

This time, I would like to introduce convenient functions that can be used in SHOPIFY MARKET.

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Inventory and full file using the market

Example of distribution of warehouse inventory level and delivery destination

Warehouse Inventory level Delivery area
500 USA, Mexico
Canada 75 Canada, Mexico
Spain 0 Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland

1. Stock level setting is possible

In the current Shopify Market, it is not possible to set which warehouse is assigned to which warehouse is assigned, but this allows you to accurately set how much stock in each warehouse.

This can display how much stock is displayed depending on the country displayed on the store front side, preventing a negative stock.

2. Setting area settings for shipping for each warehouse

As shown in the table aboveThe American warehouse is set by setting the delivery area in the United States and Mexico.

Orders from the United States and Mexico will be shipped from the US warehouse.

Orders from Canada can be shipped from Canada and the compatible warehouse can be cut.

The location and inventory allocation functions in SHOPIFY MARKET introduced this time are early access functions that can only be used only in merchant.

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