[LIFE STYLE] Tokyo, 12 bars that bring the feelings of two people in Yokohama.

We recommend a bar that you can use when you are a friend but want to get a distance in this season when you miss your skin. First, Tokyo 12. BAR MARTHA(Barmarta) Impression that many people played the bar in Ebisu with a very good atmosphere 11. Two Rooms Grill | BAR(TWO ROOMS Grill | Bar) In the early summer of Aoyama's terrace, it is fun to drink Mojito on the terrace. You can enjoy it without your shoulders and elbows. Ten. Peter(Peter)   You can see the green of the Imperial Palace from the bar window on the high floor of the Peninsula Hotel in Hibiya. The foreigner is high and the atmosphere is good. There are also bars and cigars that go on the weekend and do not get worse even if they are crowded. 9. Mandarin Bar On Friday only, it is a Marunouchi office worker, so it is crowded, so it is better to avoid it, so the ceiling is high, the windows are large, and the open sofa is fluffy, so women's acceptance is good. It may be a little different for those who want a so -called authentic bar 8.Bar La Jroot(Bar La Hulotte) Bar in Azabu Juban's residential area. Walk a little from a hide -out hideaway station. Recommended when you want to drink a really delicious cocktail with two people 7.Radio(radio) A shop that should be visited when you want to drink a really delicious cocktail with two people who want to drink a really delicious cocktail in Aoyama's wonderful shop 6.Kaion701(Caion Nana Maruichi) Azabu Juban's hideaway bar bar is easy to spend with friends, and there is a terrace. On the second floor, there are sofas and TVs like a living room in the house, so you can enjoy it even if you go with 4 or 5 people 5.Maduro(Maduro) There are many bar cigars that I think there are few people who do not like to drink while listening to the entrance and heavy door live performances like the classic Grand Hyatt Maze 4New York Bar As a bar night view bar on the upper floor of Park Hyatt, you can drink while listening to live performances in Tokyo. There is a cigar 3.Bar & Lounge "Twenty Eight" Conrad Tokyo I think the ceiling is high, the ceiling is high, and the congestion is lower than other hotel bars. Favorite bar Yokohama area 2.Bar Noble(Bar Noble) Authentic bar cigar in Yokohama with a bar that can be used as a hideaway for adults 1.The Bar Casablanca(THE BAR CASABLANCA) The fruit cocktail is very delicious, so it is crowded, so it is a better retreat to check it out in advance and then go, and it is a wonderful bar where you can talk slowly.

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