[LIFE STYLE] New work style, local, remote work, which has begun little by little in Japan

source:Lig Ritsan In the United States, we have introduced some articles the other day that the new style of working style is increasing due to a co -working office near the beach.[LIFE STYLE] CO-WORKING X Beach Life Office with the sea   5 hours a day San Diego's SUP manufacturer was introduced Recently, there are more new ways of working in home, rural and remote location, and here are some such information information information. Lig Recruitment of web designers who want to challenge "new ways of working" from the shores of Nagano! LIG2 LIG3 Lig4 Lig5 Lig6 Lig seems to operate a guest house, and he eats lunch here. LIG7 Lig8 It seems that meetings are possible on the lake. You will be worried that it will be overturned. Recruit introduces work from homeTo be honest, the recruitment of a sales company has a strong image, but it was quite surprising to introduce a full -fledged work from home.Contemporary Business Recruit introduces work from home Let's think seriously. Does it make sense to go to work in the cloud age? " Engineer dispatchRitsan  Cartoon from hereIt seems that the margin rate is 20 % lower than the industry average. SCREEN SHOT 2015-10-21 at 3.41.21 PM It would be nice to promote a more free way of working in Japan. When that happens, such a mobile office may be more active.Honda N Truck light camping car   "Air Tricer" Suzuki, which becomes a lounge during parking   Trailer for Mobile Office Nomado Dojo Wheels

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