[LIFE STYLE] I hope a 23 -year -old Google employee lives in a car and saves 90 % of his income.

source:Business Insider In such a place, there is a mania in the car .... This case is due to the too high rent of California. 23 -year -old Brandon was from Massachusetts and was adopted as a software engineer by Google, but tired of the too high rent of San Francisco, about $ 10,000 in the photo shown in the photo below (made in 2006). We purchased for 1.2 million yen. Because San Francisco rent is shared in 2 bedrooms (2LDK in Japan) with 4 people and live, 2,000 dollars per person/about 240,000 yen per month! It was astonishing rent. It's an incredible rent, right? In addition, he lived hard at home, so he felt that it was stupid to pay this amount just for the sleeping place. jpg The truck is like this, he is almost at home, so this is enough, and at home he uses it almost only for sleeping. The meal is taken at a company restaurant, and the shower uses a shower in the Google campus in the morning. JPG (3) JPG (4) By the way, this bloggerThoughts from Inside the Box I am writing a blog. There is also a desire to travel around the world, which seems to be the first opportunity to get used to such a lifestyle. I've already lived and I've been living for five months yet.

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