[Latest in 2023] 10 recommended products recommended for introducing sub -schools in the EC industry

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Diversque products that are diversified

A subscription (sub -school) is a business model that allows you to use certain products and services for a certain period of time and for a fixed amount.

Recently, digital areas such as video distribution services Netflix and music distribution services Spotify have attracted much attention and are known as a representative service for the sub -school.

However, Subsque is attracting attention not only when selling products on EC sites, as well as service products. Success examples on EC sites include food, cosmetics used on a daily basis, and healthcare products that require continuous use.

Subsque has the advantage of users, such as saving the trouble of buying every time, being able to purchase discounts and purchased at a great price. In addition, businesses have the advantage of ensuring medium- to long -term profits and improving products according to the accumulated information.
Because of the benefits for both, the number of businesses and merchandise that introduces and uses sub -schools on EC sites is increasing.


Characteristics of products suitable for sub -skosques

In order to have customers purchase continuously, it is necessary to deal with high -continuous products. The main examples are consumables that need to be purchased regularly and products with a short period of use.

Specifically, daily necessities, cosmetics, beauty goods and health foods are successful in the subscriber. These products need to be consumed on a daily basis or have a few months to feel the effects. The consumption cycle is fast and the medium- to long -term use can be expected, so it can be said that it is a product suitable for the sub -skirt.

On the other hand, products with long usage periods such as inexpensive items and home appliances may not be suitable. However, it is possible to provide a subscription service by devising set sales.


9 types of sub -skop models

Google issaClassification of busque business into nine typesWe are organizing the merits and strategies. 

1: Regular purchasing type

6: Promotion type

2: Curation type

7: In -store service type

3: Maintenance type

8: Online service type

4: Long -term wreath type

9: Digital content type

5: Short -term rental type

Source: Google "Not only regular purchases, but 9 types of sub -school — -curation, maintenance, in -store, etc."


This time, this time, the product will be delivered at regular intervals as a "sub -skirt that can be made with e -commerce (EC)" out of nine types.
"① Regular purchasing type" and “② Curation type”I will introduce examples of products that take the form of.



Introducing recommended products, along with examples, for introduction of EC subscription

The market size is increasing year by year, as the number of subscriptions (subscriptions) of all products such as food, toys, and flowers is increasing.
This time, we will introduce 10 sub -schools for businesses sold on the EC site!

1. Food

With the increase in home time in the corona, and the increased time of spending time at home by rockdown overseas, not only the scent of the body, but also the living space is high.
Things to enjoy with the five senses, such as aroma and incense, are popular.


Develop a food delivery service that receives a meal kit (ingredients and recipes) supervised by a dietitianYoshiikeiIs a home delivery service that can be cooked in time saving.

We are developing services in line with users, and we have a menu that matches your lifestyle.

Cut Meal (Cutmeal): Popular with households who have no time to cook, such as living alone or dual -income households. Cooking time is completed in about 15 minutes, and it is a kit that cuts the labor and waste of cooking.

Petit Mama: A perfect service for child -rearing households and beginners. It is recommended for moms who are busy with childcare because they have baby food recipes, especially from adult rice.

LovYu: There are a shop that can make full -scale menus like a shop, and a course where you can cook a restaurant at a speed of about 10 to 15 minutes.

In this way, the worries of each user base have been solved by the sub -model, and it is a successful business case.


2. Coffee beans



"" "" ""PostcoffeeeIs more than 150 types of lineups, and you can find your favorite coffee with just a diagnosis to answer simple questions. One of the attractions is that you can try coffee that is out of the diagnosis by adjusting the adventure.


Users can leave four -step feedback and comments on coffee, so they adopt a system to prevent mismatches and improve service.

3. Toys

Iroya Shoten Club

The toys that have arrived are developing the sub -skop that will be your own.Iroya Shoten ClubThen, you can receive educational toys that are not handled at the chain store and provide early childhood education at home.

You can receive counseling from an educational expert, and you can choose toys and picture books that are suitable for your children, so you can expect high -precision educational effects.

In addition to delivering products in this way, by incorporating communication as part of the service, it is possible to provide sub -skop services that are unique and easy to fan.

4. Flowers


Bloomee"Is a regular flower service for flowers that can reach your home. It is attracting attention because it will color your room beautifully just by transferring to a vase.

The plan can be changed according to the volume of the flower, and there is also an experience plan that you can easily try. In addition, we are developing for corporations, covering the needs of various users in one product.

5. Alcohol


Let's make sake

The next sub -ski is alcoholic.
Among the many types of sake, this time, sake arrives directly from the brewery, ""Let's make sakeI will introduce a site called.

Many sake brews use "cold baking", which makes one year of sake in winter.
It is said that it is difficult to build sake regardless of the four seasons
In "Let's make sake", it is jointly developed with the sake brewery of "Shiki Brewing".
It is possible to deliver sake every month.

The plan is one or two plans each month, and the monthly price includes shipping, so there is no worry that the price will rise from the second month, which is common in the subsk. 。

Also, since the skip month can be easily set, there is no need to worry about the product being sent every month.

6. Supplements



SaprinIs provided a life care supplement that is close to each person's lifestyle and delivers only the necessary items from 240 combinations.

The service has won the Special Award for the Japan Subscription Business Awards 2022. In addition to the advantage of the user's point of view, the resolution and convenience of the user's point of view, the advantage of the sub -school, the safety of the quality of the product and the safety of the cancellation method were evaluated.


7. Cosmetics


The advantage of the sub -school that receives various cosmetics (cosmetics) every month is
It doesn't just save the trouble of being able to try out the products you care about casually and the hassle of choosing yourself from a lot of cosmetics.


Bloombox"At cosmetics, the largest cosmetic select shop in Japan.
It is a cosmetic subcook to be supervised.

The size of each product is mainly mini -sized sample products.
The price plan will be paid together in 6 or 12 months in addition to the 1 month plan.
There are also plans that will be affordable.


8. sundries



My Little BoxProvides a surprise box service that allows you to enjoy Esprit in Paris, which has a monthly theme.

It is said that miscellaneous goods such as cosmetics and accessories are not suitable for sub -school businesses.

However, by delivering a variety of products on different themes every month, it creates a sense of surprise and excitement to enjoy what is in it, and succeeds as a sub -service service.

9. Aroma / incense




Kyoto specialty store Okolife Then, we provide a regular service for incense that can be started anytime.

Delivery is an all -in -one set with all the necessary items, reaching the post of the house, so it is very easy to receive it without the need to prepare a match such as a match.

Also, in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 12th month from the start of regular flights, the product that arrives every month will be added,You will receive a trial set or a dress -up set.

For this reason, we are less concerned that we are tired of receiving the same product every month and cancel, and customers can enjoy regular flights 12 months ahead.It's a very nice service.

10. Pet care products


Providing a sub -school for an important family doggy Doggy BoX "is a service where toys and snacks that match the theme arrive every month.

There is a commitment to domestic additives and allergies, and it is perfect for those who are considering dogs' health.

The point is that there is a significant first discount and you can start easily.

Subsque app compatible with Japanese in SHOPIFYGO SUBSCRIDE


How to start a sub -school product using the EC platform "SHOPIFY" from Canada
You can start the service by introducing an app for using sub -skops in SHOPIFY.


The original SHOPIFY app is as the world has introduced sub -skop products
Because overseas apps were the mainstream, it should be taken to Japanese companies.
There were many issues, such as being in other languages ​​and unfamiliar operability.


"Go Subscride" is an app that solves these issues and can easily start a sub -skirt in SHOPIFY. 


Click here for details on Go Subscride



This time, from the subscriptions in the world
Here are some recommended products that can be done on the EC site.


These products are
Subscription app that can be used on the EC platform "SHOPIFY" developed by us
It will be a very compatible product with "Go Subscride".


In Go Ride, in the construction of many EC sites, you have also introduced sub -skosques.
There are many.
By all means, if you are considering the introduction of a sub -school,HerePlease contact us more.


Until the end Thank you for reading!


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