It's like a postcard! Nikko Iroha Saka's Autumn Leaves Drive

source:A carefree photo of a romanticist Find Travel Yomerumo Livedoorblog Atwebreweinfo Nice shot shooting squad Wikipedia CB1300SB page Carrera4 anytime, anywhere I want to drive while looking at the autumn leaves.

Nikko Iroha Saka, dating with lovers, and a large number of friends, you can enjoy it with your family. It is just under 3 hours from Tokyo and is just a good distance.

I want to drive and see the beautiful scenery, I want to run through the road dyed in autumn leaves.

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Run through such autumn leaves


It seems to be healed by negative ion just by taking a deep breath in the forest. Author photography

This time, I will introduce Kanto's drive spot "Iroha Saka" in Tochigi Prefecture.

It is also a famous road that has been selected as the 100 Japanese roads.

If you look at beautiful autumn leaves while watching, there is only "Iroha Saka"!

What is Iroha Saka?

"Iroha Saka" is a 15.8km long mountain road that connects Nikko City and Chuzenji Lake and Oku -Nikko, one of the "100 Japanese Roads". ""

"The name of" Irohazaka "is a 48 curve that exists on the two slopes of Daihahasaka and Daiha Hill.IrohaThe origin is that it is compared to 48 sounds. ""

"The second Iroha slope climbs, and the first Iroha slope is one way in the direction of all lines."

There are only famous places, and there are still traffic jams in the peak season in the fall ....

Early morning time is recommended.

Get up a little early and enjoy smooth.

Watch out for monkeys

"Along the line is wildmonkeyIs appearing, but recently, tourists feeding monkeys are no longer lapping. "

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The best season?

The autumn leaves of "Iroha Saka" are after mid -October. It is said that it is about half a month from mid -October to late October.

The author went in early November, but still enjoyed it.

When the weather is fine, it looks even clearer and more colorful.

I went there early in the morning, but the brightness of the color is completely different when the sun comes around afternoon.

What is the superb view spot?

And if you go up from "Akechihei" to the observatory by ropeway, it is a superb view.

You can overlook Mt. At Chuzenji Lake, you can enjoy it in various ways.

Because it was early November, the temperature was quite cold on this day, around 7 degrees during the day.

In the meantime, it was delicious to eat. Overwhelming cospa! A lot of ingredients enter tightly and 300 yen! !

This is quite cheap, and it permeates the tiredness of a long drive.

Lake Chuzenji looks like this

Here is one point to note.
The parking lot of Kegon Falls is very crowded, but the prefectural parking lot of Lake Chuzenji is completely empty.

If you go to the Kegon Falls Parking Lot after 9 am, it seems easier to park in the prefectural parking lot because it does not have to be in the parking lot.


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In fact, the Kegon Falls had a considerable amount of water when viewed nearby.

However, Cairo is essential because it is quite cold.

Kinugawa Daisakushi Bridge

It was about an hour by car from Iroha slope, so it might be a good idea to go if you have time.

On the way back, you can enjoy a day trip hot spring.

Then enjoy a wonderful autumn leaves drive!

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So what is it actually like in late October?

hereAnnual Instagram check!

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It's the most fun drive! !

Irohazaka Drive Tips

  • Stop at the parking lot of Lake Chuzenji, not Kegon Falls
  • Cairo is essential, so let's buy a hokkairo
  • The opening of Chuzenji Lake was all delicious, so let's buy it!

Irohazaka Access

■ Basic information

  • ・ Name: Nikko Irohasaka
  • ・ Address: Hosoo -cho, Nikko -shi, Tochigi, Nakamiya Shrine
  • ・ Access: From JR Nikko Line Nikko Station to Tobu Bus Chuzenji Onsen or 40 minutes for Yumoto Onsen
  • From Nikko Utsunomiya Road Kiyotaki IC to National Route 120 by car 10km by car
  • ・ Official site URL:
  • [Parking lot] Free
  • [Inquiries] 0288-22-1525 Nikko City Tourism Association
I would like to go on a slope to get on to the slope to save gasoline to eliminate traffic congestion :)

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