[Ishikawa Prefecture] Fantastic view! Senpada illuminations

source:Yukifuru It is very beautiful in Spring and summer in Ishikawa Prefecture, but in winter is a bit different. Netetto Netetto
On a steep slope over 1.2 hectares on the base of Mt. Takasu, many layers are spreading. The number 1,004 sheets. The average area of ​​one rice field is about 18 square meters. Due to the narrowness that does not enter the cultivator, cultivation is performed manually and requires several times the effort of flatland. In white rice, which cultivates Senneta, the shortage of successors is serious, but we are working on preservation activities to leave Senmata for future generations. On January 29, 2001 (Heisei 13), it was designated as a national scenic spot. The rice field owner system has begun in the spring of 2007. * Roadside station Senmata Pocket Park has toilets for persons with disabilities Traffic access [Limited express bus use] 1: About 120 minutes by Wajima Limited Express Bus from Kanazawa Station, get off at "Wajima Station" (transfer) 2: Take the Hokutetsu Okunoto bus "Machino Line" from the place where you got off got off at "White Rice" * There is also a tourist information center and Hokutetsu Okuno bus in front of Wajima Station (Roadside Station Kirishima Furashima Furato Dream), so you can check any questions. In addition, please feel free to ask for round -trip discount tickets. [Use of private car / rental car] 1: Take the "Noto Satoyama Kaido" from Kanazawa and proceed to the end point "Noto Airport I.C" 2: Turn right at the end point and turn left at the convenience store 3: Turn right at the end (Ichu -an Mitsui no Sato) and go for a while 4: When you go straight to the city, turn right at the "Kawai Chuo" intersection (Route 249) If you go on the road for about 5:20 minutes, you can see the Senpada pocket park on your left! Period October 10, 2015 -March 13, 2016
The official website of Senmida also introduces dating plan tourism courses.

Noto Peninsula Rubber's Line, where the distance between them is further reduced

The seafood of the Sea of ​​Japan, Ishikawa Prefecture, Wajima Morning City and Noto -don are very delicious


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