Introducing the recommended functions of the theme!

by Rin Hirashin

Did you have any experience that you couldn't display the function you thought was the default, such as having a theme that you didn't want to display when you worked on a theme and worked on it?

In SHOPIFY, it is necessary to select a theme while taking into account the functional aspects.

This time, I would like to introduce the functions that can be displayed depending on the theme!

First of all, the theme of SHOPIFY has a free and paid, and the design and the flexibility of the available functions will change.

There are many free themes that have a simple design and a minimum function.

If you want to build a site with more efforts, a paid theme is recommended.

Recommended typical features

① Bread crumbs list

Bread crumbs list image

The bread crumbs list is a navigation that displays the page level of the site, and is often installed at the top of the content.

It is an effective function to build an easy -to -use site because you can check the hierarchy that users are intuitively watching.

The theme that has a bread crumbs list functionHere

② Pop -up

It is possible to display a promotion pop -up when the site is displayed.

By displaying pop -ups, you can see various effects, such as the effect of enhancing CVRs and preventing the site withdrawal.

The theme with a pop -up function isHere

③ Infinite scrolling

Even if it is a large amount of content, scrolling down is a function that will be displayed without the end of new content.

It is not good that the amount to scroll is too large, but it is easier to use than you need to make a lot of pages by clicking or other actions, and you can extend the time on the site.

Themes with infinite scrolling functionsHere

④ "Return to the top" button

Image of function to return to the top

It is possible to place the button to be fixed to the page top to the lower right of the page. By placing the button, you can easily find the page you want to see, so you can use it easily and lower the withdrawal rate.

The theme with the function of the "Return to the top" buttonHere

⑤ Color Watch

It is a recommended function for stores that sell a wide variety of products because you can visually check the color variations of the product.

By displaying the color, it can be a source of decision to purchase products, so it is possible to realize a site that is easy for users to use.

The theme with a colored watch function isHere

Convenient functions-extra edition-

① Raw material or nutritional component display

Image of component table function

With this section, the contents can be changed freely, so it can be displayed for precautions such as product details, size notation, delivery.

In addition, since it can be placed near the product purchase button, it is possible to convey the product information optimally.

The theme with raw materials or nutritional display functionsHere

② Age confirmation

The necessary products are limited, but there is a function that can display pop -ups to check age.

There is a theme that can be used by default without introducing an app, and it is easy to set, so if necessary, it is also recommended to set it by default.

If you need an age confirmation functionHere

③ Inventory counter

If you use this function, you will be able to confirm the stock remaining on the product page. By displaying inventory, if the stock is low, it is possible to promote the purchase and increase the purchase rate.

If the inventory counter function is requiredHere

This time, we introduced the recommended functions associated with the theme!

You may think that there is a function that you tend to think that it is attached by default, but when selecting the theme, we recommend that you carefully check the functions.

We also tell you the reason for selecting theme when making a design proposal.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions in terms of function.


Rin Hirashin

Account Manager/Designer

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