Introducing attractive brands that have not yet landed in Japan! Brands using SHOPIFY in the United States


Although it is still familiar in Japan, there is a very popular brand in the United States. Among them, the brands that use SHOPIFY have strengthened their online sales and grabbed their customers with their own products and concepts. This time, we will introduce some brands that have not yet used Shopify in Japan. Each brand has a unique feature and charm, so be sure to check it out!

1: Gymshark

Gymshark, which is very popular with young people, sells active wear and fitness equipment. Their products are high quality and characterized by a trendy design. It supports a wide range from training in the gym to casual everyday style, and its diversity is supported. For Japanese fitness enthusiasts, Gymshark's attractive items will lead to new styles.

2: Kylie Cosmetics (Kylie Cosmetics)

Kylie Cosmetics, established by Kylie Genner, offers high quality cosmetic products. Her brands are particularly famous for lip products, and their rich colors and long -lasting formulas are attractive. Many makeup enthusiasts in Japan will be attracted to the quality and variety of Kylie Cosmetics. Kylie Cosmetics has no Japanese version, and is completely not landed in Japan.

3: MVMT (movement)

MVMT is a brand that offers stylish watches and accessories. It features a simple and modern design, targeting the millennial generation. Despite the reasonable price range, it provides high -quality products, combining fashion and functionality. In the Japanese fashion scene, the sophisticated design of MVMT will attract attention.

4: Glossier

Glossier is a brand that offers simple skin care products and makeup products. Their cosmetics are developed under the concept of pursuing natural beauty and have the effect of giving light coverage and healthy shine. The packaging design is simple and sophisticated.


COLOURPOP is a brand that offers affordable and high -quality makeup products. Their products have a wide range of color variations and can be selected according to various skint tones and preferences. A wide range of makeup items such as lip products and eye shadow pallets are available.


As mentioned above, we have introduced SHOPIFY in the United States but have not yet used SHOPIFY in Japan. Each brand has its own characteristics and charm, and is expected to be deployed in the Japanese market. In the future, the existence of these brands will spread in Japan, and it will be a source of new trends and styles. Please pay attention to these brands!

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