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Due to the pandemic by the new colon virus, the demand for EC sites has surged in recent years. Customers have no need to go out, and companies are increasing the demand for EC sites that can reduce tenant fees and human rights, but the competition in the EC industry is also intensifying. Under these circumstances, the key key to growing and stabilizing EC sites isIt is an advertising measure.

In this article, Go Ride, which provides services centered on building EC sites and digital marketing,Advertising measures on e -commerce sitesHere are some of the basic knowledge to effective practice methods. Please read it to the end!

What is the role of advertising on EC sites?

So what role does advertising measures have in running EC sites?

The role of advertising measures can be mainly divided into the following three!

1.Brand awareness 

About companies, products, and services that operate EC sitesMeasures to increase awarenessis. Especially for companies with a small number of actual stores and companies that sell products and services for the first time.Spread awarenessThe first step is indispensable. It is important to use advertising media to deliver companies, products and services to people.

2. attracting customers

Second, advertising has a role in attracting customers. In other wordsMeasures for getting EC site accessis. Use paid advertisements and SNS advertisements to visit the site by appealing to the target audience.

3.Sales Promotion

And finally, it has the role of promoting sales. This is a measure to have users who have visited the EC site buy a product.Time sale and free shipping campaignBy issuing an advertisement that announces such implementation, you can stimulate the user's willingness to buy.

As described above, advertising measures on e -commerce sites have three roles: attracting customers, promoting sales, and brand awareness. can. From now on, I will explain the points to be aware of when giving ads.

Where to get an ad

By the way, in general, considering advertising, it is easy to pay attention to the contents of the ad, such as design and how to take pictures,"Where to get an ad"Don't forget that it is important. No matter how many advertisements you make in the real world, it is the same as the advertisement is meaningless if the advertisement is stuck on the trees in the mountains, and it is important to advertise in the appropriate place (medium) on digital.

As a medium to put ads online,Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, GoogleAnd so on. All of them are used by many people, but they have their own characteristics.

FacebookIs possible to target the user's attribute information, and can appeal to the target audience that matches the product and services. Also, since the user base is older than other SNS, putting ads for teens and 20s may be less effective.

InstagramIs a product and service images and videos, and to users.Give an impactIt is important. In addition, since it is used mainly for young people, it is suitable for advertising measures targeting young people.

TwitterIs suitable for campaigns and promotions. You can communicate how to apply for the campaign and the content of the promotion in an easy -to -understand manner,There are many social reactions such as retweets and likes, so you can also expect word -of -mouth effects for users.

Google can be advertised on a search engine, soTargeting tailored to the user's search intentionIs possible. By using remarketing ads,You can display ads to users who have visited the EC site.

In this way, each medium has its own characteristics, so it is important to select advertising media according to the business content and purpose of the EC site. By selecting an appropriate advertising medium and appealing to the target, you can maximize the advertising effect.

How to make an advertisement sentence to increase the click rate

Next, let's consider the contents of the ad.

In order to increase the effect of advertising, it is important to increase the click rate, whichIn order to make an advertisement, it is important. The following is a summary of what is important when creating an advertisement below.

1. Appeal the appeal of products and services 

It is important to appeal to the advertising text in an easy -to -understand manner. By conveying specific product features and the benefits of services, you can attract users.

2.Short and concise 

It is important to summarize the advertisement in a short and concise manner. The point is that the number of characters is limited, so that it is easy to understand and the user can quickly grasp the information you need.

3.Put a strong call to action 

It is important to put a strong Call to Action (CTA) in the advertisement. For example, "click now to receive benefits"Promote specific actions to usersThat way, you can increase the click rate.

4.Express according to the target layer 

It is important to express the advertisement according to the target layer. For example, ads targeting young people can use casual expressions and slangs to get a sense of closeness.

You can create an effective advertising statement by creating an advertisement in mind with these things. Please refer to it when thinking about an advertisement!

What is the important index ROAS in advertising operation?

So what should we be aware of in thinking about the advertising media and the contents of the advertisement in this way and actually operating the ads? This depends on the phase and form of the business, but it is necessary to do trial and error to maximize the effects of ads.

And when thinking about maximizing advertising effectsIndex to measure advertising effectsYou need to be there, right?ROAS(Advertising recovery rate) is the index.

ROAS (Return On Ad Spend)Is an index indicating the proportion of revenue to advertising costs in advertising operation. The higher the ROAS, the higher the profitable effect on advertising costs.

Roas is calculated as follows

ROAS = Advertising revenue / advertising cost

For example, if an EC site costs a specific advertisement of 10,000 yen per month, and the advertisement has a sales of 30,000 yen per month, the ROAS will be as follows.

ROAS = 30,000 yen / 10,000 yen = 3.0 (300 %)

In this case, ROAS is 3.0, soIt indicates that a profit of 3 yen per yen is obtained.In other words, the higher the ROAS, the higher the profitable effect in advertising operation.

If the role of advertisements is expanded, ROAS may not be emphasized,By utilizing ROAS, you can optimize advertising costs and operate effective advertising.

I think we have understood that ROAS is a standard value in determining the budget (advertising cost). So, from now on, I will explain important elements for measuring advertising effects other than ROAS.

Measurement of advertising effects and optimization

Here are four important factors in measuring and improving the effects of ads.

1. Measurement of the number of conversions 

In EC sites, it is important to measure the number of conversions. Conversion is the number of users who have achieved a specific purpose on the EC site. For example, product purchase or inquiry form transmission is applicable.


Rata Gating is to re -display ads to users who have visited the EC site. The retargeting advertisement can increase the conversion rate to display advertisements to users who have visited EC sites in the past.

3.A/B test 

The A/B test is prepared for multiple advertisements and the advertising versionThis is a method of selecting the optimal advertising version by comparing the click rate and conversion rate. For example, you can change elements such as advertisements and images and test which is effective.

4. Data analysis 

After implementing advertising measures, it is important to perform data analysis. Data analysis allows you to quantify the advertising effect and grasp the improvements. For example, it may be necessary to review advertising targeting or improve the advertising version.

These are essential elements to measure advertising effects and effectively operate advertising. You can maximize advertising effects by performing appropriate data analysis and understanding improvements.


As I mentioned today, advertising measures on EC sites play an important role.

In order to effectively implement advertising measures, Roas secures the budget required to exceed 100 %, how to make advertisements based on business content, how to create an advertisement for raising the click rate, keyword re -search It is a shortcut to the development of e -commerce sites to understand how to target advertising targeting, measure and optimize advertising effects and implement it appropriately.

The advertising measures on the EC site are very deep, with some parts that could not be explained in this article. I hope this article is useful to you!

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