Incorporate 3D design! Practice with Photoshop / Dimension

I was worried about Adobe Dimension released in October 2017, so I actually used it. This time, I use the original 3D model in combination with Photoshop.

What is Adobe Dimension?

Adobe Dimension It can be created by combining 3D models, material, background, writing decals, so you can intuitively create 3D without any specialized technology. In addition to the default material, it can also be downloaded (paid / free) or imported from outside from Adobe Stock.

What you can do with Adobe Dimension

It is easy to use for visualization such as logo and label package design. You can create images close to real without actually photos. You can also create an image with a 3D effect added to the 2D image. It is possible to write on PSD and PNG.

What I tried this time

The original 3D model was created in Photoshop and imported into Dimension.

〇 Create 3D model with Photoshop

This time, it is a symmetrical model, so I will create only half the path with a pen tool. Select the layer and click the work path, 3D push -out by clicking the "new 3D object creation" in the 3D panel. 3D fragments have been created. Select a curve with the attribute panel and set the horizontal angle to 360 ° C. A circular 3D is created. Adjust to the desired shape with the deformation axis and the depth of the extruded. Click the star mark (mesh) on the left side of the attribute panel and press the edit button. The layer of the path is created, and when you move the path, the shape is reflected. 3D model is completed. Export 3D → 3D layer → Export with 3D file format WaveFront | Obj.

〇C creation of images with Dimension

Dimension tour start screen. "It's easy for the first time." I think that you can work more smoothly if you work after touching the tour. This time, this time, we will open the data created by Photoshop with the file → reading → 3D model. The 3D model, material, lighting, decal is easy to see. Select the 3D model on the operation screen and click the panel to implement it. Here is the completed one!


This time, we have created an original 3D model, but there are many free materials of Adobe STOCK, so you can easily create 3D. Like other Adobe products, there is also a free trial period. If you have a CC contract but have never used it, please use it once.
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