I want to eat when I go to the service area! Tomei -Shin Tomei SA Gourmet

It is likely that the holiday season will finally enter, and the opportunity to drive a long drive will increase. This time, we will introduce the gourmet spots in the service area of ​​Tomei and Shin -Tomei. The recent service area is amazing. The service area itself is a level that becomes a half destination. By the way, the way to Tokyo is going to Tokyo from Tokyo to Nagoya and Shizuoka.

1. Ebina service area (up)Ramen Taizan

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"Ebishio" ramen is a signboard menu at a famous store in Shizuoka Prefecture For some reason, when driving for a long time, this ramen shop is perfect for ramen that makes you want to eat at night. However, since it is a popular store, it is quite a lot of holidays, and it is so crowded to go in the afternoon, so I can't recommend it. We recommend that you go to Ebina at night, avoiding traffic jams, and when you are vacant all day long and off the schedule. I haven't eaten large noodles at night, but I want to eat this.

2. Ebina service area (up)Lon cafe

Popular with women at French toast specialty stores in Enoshima. This French toast is not too sweet and the volume is perfect, so you can be satisfied enough for men to eat. The best snack to heal the fatigue of long drive. I ate Azuki's French toast in this photo, but I can't get tired of it because of its clean sweetness. There is the same LON CAFE on the Shimizu service area of ​​the new Tomei. Personally, I like this store because it is vacant and spending a relaxing time compared to Ebina.

3. Ashigara service areaFuji Asagiri Kogen Fuji Mill Cland

SCREEN SHOT 2016-04-11 at 6.13.29 PM You can enjoy the classic ice cream shop and dairy products using milk from Asagiri Kogen, which spread out at the foot of Mt. Fuji. Check out not only soft ice cream but also popular milk gelato and cheesecake

4. Ashigara service area Ashigara noodle inn Aspect SA (down)

A udon shop that breaks the concept of a high and high -priced udon shop that is common in the service area I didn't notice, but it seems to give you freshly fried without making kakiage. When I'm tired, I'm glad I can eat these slippery things. In addition, the price is quite reasonable for a service area from 580 yen. Isn't it the highest peak as a rice cospa in the service area? Udon By the way, the Ashigara service area here has a day trip for a day trip for 640 yen, and some accommodation facilities where you can stay without getting off the highway. Click here for detailsOfficial HPPlease. Restin Gasoline charges have recently risen, and the high -speed fee has been raised the price the other day.The Metropolitan Expressway, Yokohama Shindo will be raised from April 1st, Yokoko Road, and the Ken -O Expressway will be reduced. It's the camp season, so the campsite is in this article Let's go to a camp near the Kanto Suburban and go to the camp Go RideI want to make a synergistic and move smartly and smartly. MADOKA BUS3

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