I tried using AI Article Lighting Tool Articoolo

AI Article Lighting ToolArticoolo

I thought it was probably not well known in Japan, so I tried using it.

Nihon Keizai Shimbun provides AI articles in Japan.Financial Summary Is famous.
In "Financial Summary", AI creates sentences based on financial results announced by listed companies. Immediately after the announcement on the timely disclosure site, we will deliver the numbers such as sales and profits and the points such as the background.
The text is created from the disclosure material of the company that is the original data, and it is completely automated until it is distributed, and no people check or modify it.
For the time being, the created “Financial Summary” is positioned as a beta version (trial version), but it will be provided constantly as content such as the Nikkei Newspaper Electronic Edition and Nikkei Telecon.
I wondered if people were in the hands, and it was already fully automated and distributed to the electronic version. Articoolo is only offered in English, but it is easy to use and simply put a few words in the article you want to write and press Create Article (write an article), then a minute to two minutes. He / she creates. If you actually use it, first put some words you want to write. This time, I chose a pretty minor topic called Surfing Fitness Tips.

As a TOPIC, it will give you some articles, so select it and recommend the Create button.

Depending on the topic, articles are often written in 2-3 minutes.

The completed article can only be seen for the first 40 characters, but you can read the entire article by purchasing a credit and pressing the purchase button.

This time it was roughly 337 characters.
If you do not like the content, you will have a rewrite function so you can get more rewrite.

Move Paddle -Move Spend $ 100 on a FOAM BOARD, or Pick Up a Secondhand Longboard in Adequate Form. On Flat Days, Take It Out and Paddle Around to a House. This May Keep Your Arms, Shoulders and Back in Paddling Condition in Order THAT WHENEVER ON THE WAVES DO PICK UP d long Stretch of Shore, Paddle Up the Shore for Hourf a Hour, Turn Around and paddle back. A Few of the Peripheral ADVANTAGES OF SURFING ARE PRESERVED, Like Getting Away from Distractions and Havility The Ability The Outdoors. Tempo Paddle -Paddle Up the Shore for 35 MINUTES AND ATTEMPT TO MAKE it Back in 25.

You should buy a cheap 10,000 yen soft top board and get into the sea on a flat day to practice paddles.

This makes it possible to catch more waves longer than other surfers.

It is a sentence as it is.

Actually, I tried several other times, but what is the general content What is toFu? What is tofu? If it was such a sentence, more accurately naturally came out.

After all, the more a minor topic, the more articles that were intended by the user who put the word came out.

When creating English media that introduces Japanese culture, I think it is easy to use. By the way, the amount is as follows

In 10 articles, $ 19 about 2000 yen 1 article about 200 yen $ 99 If you pay in bulk, you will have a discount up to about 100 yen per article by purchasing 100 articles.


  • The quality varies considerably depending on the topic
  • It looks good as a boost personnel when creating an inbound media
  • Complete automation over a wide range of topics will not be an article that can be opened to the public without editing of people who are still difficult

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