I tried to fix the BMW, which was about 200,000 yen for a repair estimate at the dealer, with a part of 1000 yen!

Oriental that runs Go Ride.

I bought BMW X3 2007 as a used one, and I've been riding for about seven years.

This year, I have fallen for 10 years, and I have taken care of surfing on the surfing, but it has become a problem in the future.

This time, the following 4x4 warning lamps turned on, and the ABS lamp and side brake lamps were lighted.

Fear BMW dealer estimate

If you drive as it is, the BMW X drive (4WD system) will not work, it will run in 2WD instead of 4WD, and ABS will not work, so high -speed driving will be dangerous. The sound of Gogogo, which was not meshing, was at a low -speed driving or especially when the back was back, and it was like a delicate half -crawl.

4x4 side brake, ABS lamp is so good

I thought this was a very critical problem, so I brought it to the dealer in a hurry while running a solo solo on the lower road, paid 4800 yen for the inspection fee, and asked me to estimate the repair.

What a quote you got from the dealer here!

Kotoda 192,842 yen !!!!!!!!!!

Nosebleed will blew out!
If you are not sorry to replace the actuator motor unit alone, it may be an over 400,000 yen course by replacing the whole transfer case .....
And the mechanic in charge of the dealer tells me a terrible word ... I stopped my HP. I will google about the cause from the thought of what I can pay. Even if I checked it in Japanese, there was no source such as repair examples that would be very helpful.

However, in English

BMW 4x4 Warning Light

When I googled, it came out, which came out, especially helpful, the following blog and You Tube



You Tube

* There is an additional forum for BMW owners.
Most symptoms are written here, so if you have a problem, you should look at it once. https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/forum.php

You tube displays the necessary tools in a list.

If you read it, you can repair plastic gear and repair it for about 3 hours! ! ! ! !

And you need to be available on Amazon.com, Amazon of Gear America.



$ 10 = about 1000 yen! ! ! In the comments of a lot of other You Tube videos
The dealer got an estimate of $ 5000 by replacing the whole transferscal case, but it was fixed at only $ 10! !
What a comment is being received.

In short, it seems that this plastic gear is often caused by the fact that it does not engage and the four -wheel drive system does not work.

Oh oh ~

I have to do this! ! !

Only Gokuri, I'm a complete mechanical sound, and I don't feel like I can do it myself even if I watch the video.

Find a mechanic in coconut

So I rely on this timeCoconut I tried using.

First search by car maintenance So I sent the following message to about three people.
Is it possible to request a car maintenance itself?
We will pay over 5,000 yen per hour.

I'm riding on BMW X3. With a 4x4 warning lamp, I was on the dealer and it was an estimate of 200,000 yen because the actuator motor of the transfer case was broken.

However, when I looked up, I bought a part of about 1000 yen at Amazon and repaired it for about 3 hours.

Symptoms are exactly the same. https://axleadDict.com/auto-repair/bmw-transfer-case-aCtuator-PROBLEM-And-FIX Is it possible to work on the above?
This is the Yokohama area.

And among them, Mr. Murai was reply with a haste.

The reply was quick and the reply was quick, so the decision to ask Mr. Murai for the time being will be decided on Sunday afternoon!

Too god Amazon.com

Since there is no time anymore, order from Amazon in the United States as it is! What a Priority Shipping?Order on Monday night and arrive by 8:00 on Wednesday The display
For the time being, I will gain momentum.

Amazon.com from here was God!

In the lower right part, the delivery status could be confirmed in real time (when shipped local time, etc.), and the arrival time was displayed in local time in Japan.

We ordered around 10:00 pm on July 31 (Monday) and the parts actually arrived around 10 am on August 2 (Wed).

From the east coast of the United States to Japan across the Pacific Ocean ... I ordered it36 hoursAt hand, at hand ...... Amazon.com

It's too god.

Other than that, I bought the following in advance.

And actually repair

And we meet somewhere in Tokyo on Sunday at 2:00 pm and meet

The temperature of this day is 34 degrees scorching.

It means that I've been playing with my hobbies since I was careful about repairing Murai cars and motorcycles who usually work as an engineer and an engineer, and it's reliable!
I was happy to be OK for the interview!

Mr. Murai, who is sweating under the scorching sun, stops the car in a very popular parking lot, which had been investigated in advance, and started working.

Put a car on the stand you bought and float the body. Mr. Murai changes his clothes here and starts working.

At this time, PM 2:30 If you actually dive under the car, it will be quite narrow! !

The mechanic who can work in such a place is amazing!

For the time being, my head goes down in the hot afternoon.

Remove the aluminum gawa and find the transfer case in the problem.

Here, when removing the transfer case, the inside is more intense than I expected, and the space to turn the ratchet is narrow, so it takes too much time with the tool I have, so I want a thinner ratchet and buy it in a nearby Homac. To go to.

It was about 4200 yen in Homak, but I could not change my belly on my back and purchased it as it is.

According to Murai -san, this ratchet was very good in maintaining BMW. The next thing I was doing is this case, not a screw, but just fits in.

I feel a strong intention to never open the manufacturer.

Pour Cle 556 around the rim, put a flathead screwdriver into the corner, and struggle with reference to YouTube video .......... .......

bingo~! It's been wonderful! Mr. Murai, who is convinced that this guy was the cause, smiled

Under the car again

At this time, 3 hours and 30 minutes have already passed before 6 o'clock

Mr. Murai with a margin pose that was convinced that he was fixed before going to the test drive

After this, we took a commemorative photo with two people, but unfortunately there were no photos left due to the problem of the camera (crying) ...

Work completion & test drive!

After about 4 hours of work, the warning lamp does not come on even if you start the car and start the test drive.

However, I can't feel safe yet, so I'll go to the drive.

There is no problem even if you run to Yokohama to Yokohama from Tokyo to Chinatown!

The yellowish lamp is the lamp of the washer solution.

That's why I was able to repair it! ! ! !

The tools (ratchet) you bought and the car slope of the car, Cle 556, will be presented to Mr. Murai because you can't help it!

■ Total costs

Parts + Priority SHIPPING Total $ 25 Cle 556 320 yen Car step 3200 yen Ratchet 4200 yen Murai work cost 13,000 yen

A total of about 23,500 yen

Dealer quoteApproximately 10/10I was able to repair it at the price.

Murai -sanCoconut profileClick here for repair requestFrom here Murai's main work experience can be found below! He was very experienced and kind!

Main work history
1. Assemble mountain bikes from scratch (junior high and high school days3 times in college)
Work target: Cheap bikes that can be purchased at home centers, Jamis Dacota, Peugeot,
Working purpose: I wanted to maintain a private car at as low as possible
In addition, a new car or more of about 150,000 yen for a 50,000 yen budget
Make your own mountain bike that combines appearance and performance
Main work: Various used frames / parts purchases, rust removal, painting,Assembly / coordination
(Including chain replacement, dyelera and other parts adjustment, etc.)
2. Maintenance / repair of private cars in parents' home and nearby cars (universities ~Production era)
Work target: Toyota Calina, Toyota Corolla, BMW116i,Mitsubishi Mirage,
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, Nissan 180SX, Nissan Sylvia
Working purpose: I wanted you to maintain a private car at the lowest cost as possible
(I asked you frequently)
Main work: engine maintenance (oil change ())Including oil filter), ignition plug maintenance, replacement, etc.)
Brake maintenance (pad replacement, brake fluid air)
Tire replacement (including wheels and tires),Engine mount bush replacement
Repair of accident cars (replacement of bumper, headlights, etc.,Denting of sheet metal parts, repainting, etc.)
Various things ...
3. Maintenance and repair of private cars (university -working era)
Work target: Nissan Skyline
Working purpose: I wanted to maintain a private car at as low as possible,
I just wanted to play with the car
Main work: engine maintenance (oil change ())Including oil filter), ignition plug maintenance and replacement,Ignition coil exchange, etc.)
Brake maintenance (pad replacement, brake fluid air)
Tire replacement (including wheel and tires)
Reardef replacement (from standard open differential to mechanical differential),
Suspension replacement (including height adjustment)
Demodeling inhalation and exhaust device (Ignition increase pressure circuit creation / installation (12V →)About 14V), remodeling high -efficiency inhalation and exhaust
Various things
4. Maintenance / repair of owned motorcycles (as a member of society)
Work target: Suzuki GSX250SS Katana, Hondazelvis (VT250FN)
Working purpose:I wanted to maintain a private motorcycle at the lowest possible cost,
I just wanted to play with the motorcycle
Main work: Fenderless kit's self -made / installation, chain replacement,
Carbreta OH / adjustment, suction exhaust device remodeling (Ignition increase pressure circuit creation / installation (12V → 16V),High efficiency of intake and exhaust and exhaust and exhaust)
Car height adjustment (front side side lowering, rear side raising adjustment),
Engine maintenance (oil change (including oil filter),Ignition plug maintenance / replacement, ignition coil exchange, etc.)
Brake maintenance (pad replacement, brake fluid air)
Igniter (CDI) repair, tire replacement (wheel /Including tire recombination)
Winker flasher countermeasure circuit production / installation
5. Maintenance / repair of nearby motorcycles (working adult)
Work target: Kawasaki NINJA250R, Honda NSR250,Suzuki GSR250
Working purpose:I wanted you to maintain your own motorcycle at as low as possible
(I frequently ask)
Main work: Transfer, a state where you can run an uneasy immovable motorcycle,Fuel pump replacement
Tire replacement, brake pad replacement, brake fluid exchange,Engine oil change (including oil filter replacement),
5V charging circuit creation and installation for mobile phones,
Accident car repair (subframe distortion correction, cowl cracked / repainted)

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