I can't hear it now! What is LP (landing page)? Benefits other than CV

Spring is one of the overall breaking seasons, such as new life and financial results, and I think it's a good time to make changes in marketing. In such a case, how about introducing a easy and effective landing page?

What is LP (landing page)?

LP (landing page) is simply a "page that is easy to understand" service and product information. For example, a page that flies from ads such as listing ads, affiliate and SNS is the LP. Why not fly the link to a corporate site? The reason is that the company site has a lot of information, and it is difficult for the visitors to tell what to tell because they do not know where to look. In such a case, it is a landing page that allows you to clearly convey services and products with pinpoints.

Features of landing page

  • Since information is integrated on one page, it is basically a vertical design.
  • It is devised so that the information is visualized, the information is visualized, the movement and the color are effectively used, so that you can scroll down to the bottom.
  • There is no conductor link other than the purchase or application link, so it is difficult to leave.

Landing page configuration example

It depends on the business format and the product you handle, but it is created, for example, a configuration of such content. The most important thing in the above is the first view, which greatly affects the withdrawal rate immediately after the inflow. Therefore, make sure to use the best content for the target while tuning using AB tests, such as how to show the product and catch copy.

To increase the randing page conversion

〇 LPO (landing page optimization)

LPO is an abbreviation of "Landing Page Optimization", which optimizes users to make it easier for users to convert. Understand how to show, taste, etc. that match the target layer to create pages. For that, AB test is an easy and effective means.

〇 AB test

There are paid AB test tools, but this time we will introduce how to use Google Optimizes that can be free. https://optimize.google.com/ AB testing is also possible with analytics, but the announcement of the end of support is displayed in the future, so this time we will introduce the method of testing in Google Opty. * Google Optics account requires a Google Analytics account. 1. Creating an account 2. Creating tests 3. Link to Google Analytics (Set code on the site.) Four. Addition of pattern The display of the extension of the optimization Chrome is displayed. If you download the extension function, you can edit another pattern on the screen. You can check the work by displaying the procedure. Five. Start of the test

Contents actually tested

For example, in this example, the title is changed and tested. https://www.goriderep.com/ja/shopify/ Test A: Cross -border EC starting in SHOPIFY Test B: Operate online shops at SHOPIFY


The landing page not only increases conversions, but can also be easily approached to users and businesses, and can research the user's movements, so it is recommended as a step to grasp the direction of sales promotion!
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