How to use the review functions that can be done in SHOPIFY


SHOPIFY review function

Shopify has a review function to collect customers reviews and improve product functions and evaluations. In addition to using the genuine review function of SHOPIFY, there are various ways to use an app or create a flow to write a review in cooperation with Klaviyo.

In this article, we will introduce some examples of how to use Shopify's review function.

The benefits of SHOPIFY review

Explains the benefits of using the review function in SHOPIFY.

  • Improvement of reliability

    By displaying a review on the product page, customers can get a realistic evaluation of the quality and reliability of the product. The larger the number of reviews, the more the impression that the customer is a reliable product.

  • Collect reviews

    Collecting reviews will help you understand the improvements of products and services and provide better products and services. This will make it easier to connect to customer repeat if services and products are improved.

  • Improve relationships with customers

    Once a review is posted, reply to the review will recognize that customers are treated carefully and lead to repeat.
    The point is to reply to the review as soon as possible and reply carefully. Let's reply as much as possible.

This is an example of how to use Shopify's review function. The review function is an important point that leads to improving products and services through communication with customers, so it is a good idea to actively use it!

How to use SHOPIFY reviews

SHOPIFY offers many apps to add review functions. Here are some ways to use reviews using the Shopify app.

Product Reviews

SHOPIFY's free official appProduct Reviews。 You can collect and share reviews on the online store product page. By evaluating and reviewing customers, customers can not only help others buy products, but also gain valuable feedback.

  • Theme -friendly design. A simple design that matches any theme unique to a genuine app.
  • Layout, text, and color can be edited with no code.
  • Reviews, hide, filtering, and managing it quickly and easily.
  • You can import/export with CSV import/export or spreadsheet for reviews.
  • Added reviews to Google search results, effective for SEO.


YOTPOIs a review, photo postThis is an application that can post Q & A, etc. As a review application, it is quite well -known, and achieves results such as increasing traffic and conversions by collaboration with SNS.

  • Reviews, as well as rating, photos, Q & A, etc. can be displayed.
  • Review posting by review request email without login is required
  • A review with photos can be created.
  • Display reviews on organic search results and Google ADS.
  • A good review is posted on SNS

Stamped Product Reviews & UGC

Stamped Product Reviews & UGCLike YOTPO, it is a popular review app in the Shopify app. Reviews, as well as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other SNS, Klaviyo, can be efficiently operated.

  • Photo Review & Video Review
  • Publishing Q & A
  • Cooperation with KLAVIYO
  • Published in Google Shopping
  • Enhanced customer support. You can also receive support even in a free plan.

Our case (SOL MATCHA)

Our D2C brandSOL MATCHASo I'm using Stamped Product Reviews & UGC!

The buttons indicating the number of reviews are customized to stand out.

In addition, we have created a flow to ask the buyer to review by collaborating with KLAVIYO.

Reviews are quite important, especially for products that are particularly small.


A review function that has become indispensable when operating an EC site. SHOPIFY has various reviews of reviews, such as collaboration with SNS and KLAVIYO.

An important review for communication with customers. If you haven't introduced it yet, there is a free app, so why not try it on this occasion?

Only 21 companies (as of 2023) have been certified in JapanShopify Plus PartnerCertifiedGo Ride allows you to request not only the support for reviewing reviews, but also advertising and SNS operations!

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