How to introduce an Instagram shopping function (Shop Now) in SHOPIFY

by Tomoe Onishi
From June 2018, INSTAGRAM's "Shopping Function (SHOPNOW)" has become available in Japan. The shopping function (Shopnow) is a function that can be directly guided to an external EC store by tagging products posted on Instagram. We recommend introducing if you are using Instagram because you can easily expand the conductor of the product purchase. This time, I will introduce how to set up in SHOPIFY.

To use a shopping function (shopnow)

There are several conditions for approval for using Instagram shopping functions, so you need to clear it in advance.
  • It is a business that sells physical products that conform to the provider contract and commercial policy
  • The Instagram account has been transferred to a business profile
  • The business profile is linked to the Facebook catalog.
It can be created and managed from a business manager, SHOPIFY or BIGCOMMERCE platform, or direct business Facebook page. Quote:How can I get the approval of Instagram shopping?

How to set up from SHOPIFY

Click the + button on the Sales Channels on the SHOPIFY dashboard to add Instagram Click the "Add Sales Channel" button at the bottom right Furthermore, we will work with Facebook "Connect to Faecebook". When the setting is completed so far, the screen is under screening. If there is no particular problem, it will be approved at the earliest tens of minutes to a few days, and you will be able to tag on Instagram. When approved, it switches to such a display.

When the screening of the Instagram Shopping Function (SHOPNOW) does not pass

Although the setting is completed, the screening may not be passed easily. Check if all the above conditions have been cleared, and if there is no problem, you can file an objection.

1. Inquiries from Instagram

Log in to Instagram on your smartphone. Settings> Help> Problems> Function problems You can report from here, but unfortunately you can't expect much reply even if you send a message from here ... so please try the following method.

2. Inquiries from the chat of Facebook Business

HerePlease request a reexamination from the chat form. If the support team is not immediately approved, you will be contacted by email at a later date, and you will usually be approved smoothly.

Confirm the national restriction of the Facebook Business account

It seems that the screening will not be passed if the "country limit" of the linked Facebook business account is restricted. Please check here before making inquiries.

The shopping function is the key to improving engagement with users

Until now, the engagement on SNS with users has been "likes" and simple comments, but it has become possible to create a new conductor by introducing shopping functions. The simplicity that can be purchased as it is as if you look at the magazine, is a reassuring function for products such as apparel and cosmetics. Depending on how you promote, you can expect to acquire fans and increase sales.
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