How to introduce a subscription (regular purchase) in SHOPIFY! +Japan and overseas EC stores examples

by Tomoe Onishi

In recent years, subscriptions (subscribed) models have expanded in the EC store in recent years, especially in the D2C business directly sold by manufacturers, and various industries have been introduced in Japan and are attracting attention. Although it is a subscription with various methods such as distribution and experience type, this time, we will introduce how to introduce the D2C business, how to introduce the sub -skop function for SHOPIFY, and examples of introductions.
Introducing a sub -skook app for Japan developed!

Can you support subscription with Shopify?

At present, there is no subscription in the default function of Shiopify. However, it is possible to introduce it to the store by using the apps introduced later. As a precaution when using the subscription app,The payment method set in SHOPIFY cannot be usedThere are points. It is necessary to set a payment setting for regular purchase, and this specification is the same for any subscription app at present. The design is close to the default check -out screen so that the customer does not feel uncomfortable even if it transitions to the application unique check -out screen.

The subscription function has been announced and announced from the Shopify formula in the future, so we will inform you as soon as the official release is decided. Reference: Announced at Shopify Unite 2019

Postscript in February 2021:
SHOPIFY released a subscription API in 2020. Go Ride has developed a SHOPIFY sub -school app that supports Japanese full.
See the following article for details about the app.
We have developed the SHOPIFY sub -school app "GO SUBSCRIDE"!

Recommended subscription app

To the app store

Bold subScriptions

  • Product page and check -out screen can be translated (Japanese)
  • $ 29.99 ~/month
  • Free trial period 60 days
  • Many payment providers
  • Create an external site, a buy button that can be embedded in SNS
  • Create a Box that customers can customize
  • Creating analysis / reports
  • Email notification function to customer
A basic specification that allows you to select regular orders and regular orders. This product screen can be customized and can be designed using CSS.

The setting screen is English for overseas apps. Tutorials, forums and customer support are substantial.

Subscription SHOPIFY introduction example

SHOPIFY store in Japan

Base Food / Nutrition Foods

In addition to regular purchases, you can purchase your favorite quantity. The first and second different discount rates are applied after the first and second times.

Two wines are fixed every month, and you can select a plan for each necessary period.

Outdoor SHOPIFY store

V-DOG/ Dog Food

San Francisco's first popular dog food store. The first order is 30 % OFF with the promo code, the second time, 5 % off from the second time, a customable delivery schedule, no cancellation fee, etc. are available. Used app:Bold subScriptions
VEESTRO/ Plant -derived food

You can create a box that selects products according to your preference, such as gluten -free and high protein, and order. Also, if you want to stop purchasing for a certain period of time, you can easily skip it. Used app:Recharge
ALEN/ Air purifier/ replacement filter

You can subscribe to the consumable air purifier filter. It is a perfect example of a regular product (air purifier) ​​that is limited to once or a low frequency of purchases by subscribing to a substitute for replacement products. Used app:Bold subScriptions
There are still stores that have introduced many subscription models outside the country. The subscription model is changing flexibly according to the times. Understanding customers and changing them to a subcliver may lead to the success of the store. 14 -day free trial SHOPIFY store is openedHerefrom! go-ride-shopify-domestic GO Ride of SHOPIFY EXPERT is producing e -commerce sites on SHOPIFY. Please feel free to contact us. Inquiries / interview requestsHerefrom

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