How to create a member -only site with SHOPIFY!

by Tomoe Onishi
In SHOPIFY, you can easily create a full membership EC site that only members can view and shop. This time, we will introduce a method of rediring the membership registration page when accessed so that the front desk of the site becomes a member registration / login form. * You will touch the code related to the display and movement of the store, so please do the work at your own risk.

1. Enable the customer account

After logging in to the management screen, click "Settings"> "Check -out screen". Select "Requires account creation" and click the "Save" button.

2. Add the Liquid code

1. Click "Online Store"> "Theme" from the management screen. 2. Find the theme to edit, and click "Action"> Edit Code. 3. Select "Theme.liquid" in the "Layout" directory. 4. Paste the following code under the tag in the code.

{% unless customer %}
{% if template contains 'customers' %}
{% assign send_to_login = false %}
{% else %}
{% assign send_to_login = true %}
{% endif %}
{% endunless %}
{% if send_to_login %}

{% else %}

5.Paste the following code under the tag.

{% endif %}

6. Click Save. The redirect setting is completed. * Depending on the theme, there is a style that contains a login screen ( and a member registration form. If you want to display both login and membership registration forms in the first view, you will need to find the corresponding theme or develop.
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