How far can the next engine and SHOPIFY cooperate? Explain the merits and precautions!

by Sasuga Tsutsumi

As the business grows, the expansion of sales channels, such as opening stores, in -house ECs, and even mall -type ECs. However, as the number of places and the number of products to open, the management of inventory becomes complicated, which tends to increase labor costs and artificial mistakes.

By using the inventory management system to solve these problems, you can centrally manage stock information for multiple sales channels for actual stores and other EC malls. This allows you to prevent stocks out of stock and excess sales exceeding inventory only for specific stores.

In addition, there is a function that can automatically manage ordering as well as inventory, and some systems support overseas shipping.

This time, we will introduce the "Next Engine" that is compatible with mall -type ECs other than SHOPIFY and inventory in stock management systems. By utilizing the "Next Engine", you can expect the optimization of inventory and efficient operation by collective management.

What is Next engine?

Next engine is a cloud -shaped system that can be ordered by EC. You can mainly manage orders and stocks for malls, in -house ECs, and actual stores, and request shipping to the warehouse side.

If you run multiple EC sites, orders and inventory management must be supported on each management screen. As the number of sites and orders increases with the business phase, the management becomes complicated. However, using the next engine eliminates the need to open the management screen of each site, and the operator can manage it simply.

Malls and carts that can be used are the largest in the industry and can be linked with various EC platforms. Regarding SHOPIFY, simply installing an app called "Next Engine Automatic Cooperation" enables automatic linkage between Next engine and SHOPIFY.

What you can do with the next engine

You can centrally manage orders and inventory information.

Order management

Automatically incorporation of order information and sorting are easy. The order data of each mall cart can be automatically or manually through APIs and CSVs, and those that require confirmation can be automatically classified. The automatically incorporated orders will automatically proceed to the shipping status. This focuses only on orders that require confirmation and can save a lot of work time.

The Next engine allows you to centrally manage orders for multiple EC sites on one screen. There is no need to log in to the individual management screen. You can check customer information, ordered products, payment information, wrapping, etc. on one screen.

Furthermore, "Ratable inventory setting" is adjusted to adjust the inventory ratio to sites with high sales and profits, and sales of specific sites are stopped when stock is reduced, and other sites are out of stock. You can also use functions.

In Shopify, you can automatically create an order slip from the order information, and set the date and time as necessary. It also supports online stores, linked Facebook, and Instagram, and can output customer information and order information without any additional applications.

Recently, the split and bundled operations performed by the Next engine have been reflected in Shopify. However, even if the order is canceled with the next engine, the Shopify order is not automatically canceled, so it is necessary to manually respond from the SHOPIFY management screen.

Inventory control

As the number of stores increases, inventory management becomes complicated. It takes time to manually update the stock number, but using the Next engine can automate inventory management of each store. If the product is sold, the number of stocks will be automatically reduced, and the stock information of each store will be updated even if the product arrives.

This collaboration reduces input work and artificial mistakes, and makes it easier to operate multiple channels and sites. In addition, you can prevent the loss of sales opportunities while minimizing the risks of left -selling.

Shipment management

The next engine automatically incorporates order information in SHOPIFY and automatically reflects payment methods and wrapping information. The invoice number and delivery method are automatically reflected in SHOPIFY.

Since the shipping process is automatically reflected after shipping, you can check the order status in real time. The order slip that has been divided or bundled with a next engine can reflect the shipping information to SHOPIFY.

Since this information supports both domestic and abroad, it is also effective for business operators that operate cross -border ECs.

Cooperation with external systems

One of the attractions is that it is easy to link with other external systems such as POS systems and customer management systems. You can expand the functions according to the business phase.

Precautions when working with SHOPIFY

Regarding SHOPIFY, order information and inventory information can be linked, but product information cannot be linked. It is necessary to form and incorporate it with CSV data from the information registered with the next engine. It seems that many EC platforms other than Mall type, not limited to SHOPIFY, cannot be linked.

reference:Next engine/support/mall cart list

About the fee

The initial cost of the next engine is free and can be used from 3,000 yen per month. If the number of orders exceeds 200, the cost of the pay -as -you -go system will be added.

reference:Next engine price list

Installing apps that link with SHOPIFY is free.

App:Next engine automatic cooperation

Introduction results in collaboration with SHOPIFY and Next engine

We also provide consulting that links orders, shipments and inventory information of products sold at SHOPIFY with Next Engine. In addition, special information such as regular orders can be linked.

We hand over manuals and checklists, and provide support for in -house production.

Let's centrally manage the stock of SHOPIFY and malls

By utilizing the next engine, you can centrally manage SHOPIFY, mall -type EC, as well as actual stores. In addition to inventory cooperation, orders and shipping information are updated, so that business operators can be efficiently operated.

Go Ride Co., Ltd. will not only build SHOPIFY, but also to consult with the review of inventory cooperation. Feel free to review the logistics system and renew the ECHerePlease contact us!

Until the end Thank you for reading!

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