How do you spend Valentine's Day overseas? The origin of Valentine's Day and how to spend each country from the origin!


Speaking of February events, Valentine's Day!

In Japan, it is customary to give chocolate from women to men, but many people have heard that men give women from men.

In this article, I will introduce the actual situation of Valentine's Day in each country.

What is Valentine's Day?

Do you know what day of Valentine's Day originally?

Valentine's Day is the day when a person named St. Walentine (Valentinus) rebelled against the ban on marriage at the time.

This is the day when the future people began to celebrate him as a lover's guardian deity, in response to Walentine's courageous behavior.

In modern times, Valentine's Day has a strong awareness as a day of love.

It is said that Japan, which is a non -Christian sphere, was transmitted from the United States after the war.

Japanese Valentine

It is no exaggeration to say that the culture of a woman sending chocolate to men on Valentine's Day in Japan has taken root. The word reverse chocolate and reverse Valentine has been completely established.

As you may know, the culture that sends this chocolate is by confectionery manufacturers.Marketing strategyIs the result of being connected.

Chocolates with Rose
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Kobe was the first Valentine's custom in Japan.Morozov ConfectioneryIt is said that.

It is said that Morozov Confectionery published an advertisement for Valentine's Valentine's customs in 1936 that he would send chocolate to Valentine's Valentine in 1936.

A few decades later, in the 1960s, department stores and confectionery manufacturers began to promote sales on Valentine's Day.

In the 1970s, the custom of a woman like the present has been a custom of giving chocolate with affection for men.

This custom, which is now commonplace, is a companyMarketing strategyIs a great success.

as a side note,White DayAll originated in Japan.

It is said that the company also made White Day, aiming for the Japanese sensitivity that you have to give back if you get some gifts. (The company I went to first has various theories, so this time I omit it)

Now, let's take a look at how Valentine's Day outside of Japan spends and customs.


In the middle of Korea, it is common for women to give chocolate from women to men and return women to women in the form of Japanese culture.

In addition to that, South Korea will be on April 14Black dayThere is a day called.

Black dayUnfortunately, people who have no connection with Valentine's Day White Day eat black clothes, eat black Chajangmyeong (Korean -style jar noodles), drink black coffee and comfort each other.

On the opposite of White Day, it seems to be a black day, but it has made it black.

Many people find a lover in this black day, and they seem to be enjoying them as one of the events.


In the United States, Valentine's Day is a day for men to convey love to women.

Unlike Japan, bouquets and accessories are often selected as gifts.

However, recently, it has been recognized as a day to thank the close people in a wider way of permission, and it has been increasingly given a gift to family and close friends, and women are doing something special. It seems that.


It is common for Valentine in China to give a gift from men to women.

In particular, he has a strong recognition of a lover's day, and there are not many gifts for family and friends, and there seems to be no chocolate culture -in -law.

Therefore, it seems that it is an event that is not related to the self.


Valentine's Day in Taiwan is a yearTwiceThere is also!

The first is the same February 14th as others, and it seems that bouquets are often sent from men to women. Like China, it seems to be a day for lovers.

The other is July 7th of the lunar calendar, every AugustTanabata SusumuThere is a day called.This is the main Valentine's Day for Taiwanese people, with Valentine's fair and campaigns.

Most of the time, gifts from men to women on this day.

In Taiwan, there is no day to return like a White Day, and there seems to be a culture that men do their best for women.


Speaking of Italy, men are familiar with a passionate approach to women.

However, on Valentine's Day, it seems to be a very common way to spend a bouquet from men to women.Like Japan, there seems to be no culture that conveys confessions and feelings to the other person.

However, it seems that the next day of Valentine's Day, February 15 will be a special way.

15 daysSAN FAUSTINOIt is a single day, where people without a lover are dining together and party.

It is a way that is quite far from our Italian image, and many people think surprisingly.

Red Roses
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How was it?

This year's Valentine is just around the corner,

Isn't it a good idea to try how to spend Valentine like overseas this year, unlike usual?

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