How do you set the sale price display at SHOPIFY? Three settings and precautions including the Japanese style

by Tomoe Onishi

Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving), Black Friday, and Cyber ​​Monday, which sells the most in the United States in the United States and is the start date of the holiday sale.

AdobeAccording to the online sales on Black Friday in 2023, the highest ever$ 9.8 billion (about 1,460 billion yen)Has reached. Among them, due to the rapid increase in the use of post -payment payments, purchases from mobile terminals accounted for more than half, and advertising from influencers and SNS advertisements were effective.

In Japan, department stores and commercial facilities are selling for the first time and preparing lucky bags in parallel with Christmas and year -end sales, while online stores need to prepare for sale and campaigns for the largest business period in one year.

Using SHOPIFY, being considered for sale (especially)Sale price setting) Isn't there a person who is worried about what to do?

In fact, there are multiple prices at SHOPIFY.

This time, I would like to introduce the three methods in detail, including advantages and disadvantages.

1. Use Shopify discount code function

SHOPIFY has a coupon -like function called a discount code (coupon code) in a Japanese online store. You can get a discount by putting the product in the cart and going to the order screen, entering the discount code set on the store in advance.

It is common to use this discount code (also called a promo code) during overseas sale, and for example, H & M uses this method in all countries, including Japan.

In the store, the normal selling price is displayed, but the discounted price is displayed by entering the discount code on the order screen. 


Very easy to set.Can be created in 1 minute from the SHOPIFY management screen.・ Because there is an automatic discount function, it is possible to save the hassle of entering code.・ Since multiple discount code can be created, code can be distributed to any customer group.・ You can set the number of uses of the code.・ The minimum amount and quantity of the order that can be used can be set.


・ If you do not go to the order screen, you will not know the sale price.・Multiple discount codes cannot be used together. Anyway, it's a Shopify discount code that can be easily set, but the biggest drawback isThe sale price is not displayed on the top of the store or product pageis. You can also create a discount code on the store side,Only one code that you can use in one orderPlease note that. SHOPIFY is highly customizable, so it is easy to announce the store around the store. However, I want to display the sale price without using a discount code for those who are familiar with Japanese EC ... In such a case, consider the following two methods introduced.

2. Configure the sale price manually

You can also display the sale price on the store without using the discount code. The product management screen has a desired sales price and a discounted price item, and usually only enter the selling price at the desired sales price, but by entering the price, the original price and sale price will be displayed at the same time. I can. You can check the sale price before going to the order screen like this.


・ You can see at a glance that they are on sale.


・ It is necessary to manually set the price*1 ・ It is not possible to set the restrictions on usage.・ It is necessary to manually set the price at the start and end of the sale. *1: You can overwrite the price by exporting and editing the CSV file. reference:Permanent preservation version! Let's add products to the store in the CSV file! (Shopify official blog) By displaying the sale price in advance, you can expect to improve the purchase rate, but it takes time and effort at the preparation stage, so it may be a burden on stores that are often sold.

3. Automatically set the sale price using the app

How to use a paid app that automatically sets 2 sale prices. Discount Master ‑ Quantity 1,000 products $ 14.99/month 1,000 A month (Variations are included in one product) Create a campaign with an app and set the expiration date to automatically rewrite the desired sales price and discounted price.


・ You can see at a glance that they are on sale.・ Price is set automatically.


・ It cannot be used for a sale for a specific customer.・ The behavior of the app may be unstable. The above information is as of 2023/12. Please note that prices and functions may be changed. How to set a 2 or 3 sale price can be used in combination with Shopify's discount code.
It can be applied when distributing e -mail magazines with discount code only to specific customers during the sale of the entire site.
Please display the price of sales campaigns that match the store from various perspectives, such as customer needs and efficiency of business flows! 14 -day free trial SHOPIFY store is openedHerefrom! go-ride-shopify-domestic SHOPIFY EXPERT's Go Ride is producing and operating e -commerce sites at Shopify. Please feel free to contact us. Inquiries / interview requestsHerefrom

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