Holiday Green from Go Ride Republic La

by Sara Takahashi
Nice to meet you, this is Sarah Takahashi of Go Ride Republic!

Currently, the US office provides services mainly on cross -border ECs and digital marketing using SHOPIFY.

I borrow a Private Office of WeWork Playa Vista and work every day like this.

I sometimes drink beer at We Work, so I sometimes drink beer for lunch.

The article I wrote about We Work Playa VistaHere

When you get stuck, everyone plays a table game called FOOSBALL in the lounge area.

The first visitor after moving to the US office was a dog.

In WEWORK, there are many tenants who bring a lot of dogs, including their children.

You'll be very relieved if you get tired at work.

I also take a sample photo of EC products like this.

This year, it was certified by Shopify Expert!

From now on, the US office will start full -scale in response to the demand of cross -border EC.

The team offers localization and digital marketing in all directions, not simple translation content.

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Please spend a good Christmas and a good year
Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!

One -stop offered from EC construction to advertising operation.