Herbal tea effect that blows away the frustrated desk work

It's been getting cold recently, I'm Hossy, a web designer.

Everyone, are you going to get stuck in your desk work and get frustrated?

I am often in front of my computer all day long, and when the work does not go well, "Ah"! Sometimes I work with my eyes bloody and my eyes are bloody. In such a case, my healing this timeHerb teaI would like to introduce you.

Herbty? ? You have a prejudice that you just want to be a conscious system! Don't do it, it's also effective.

Catomyl is also effective for stomach ache

Although it is a chamomile that is famous for its relaxing effect, it seems to have the effect of suppressing inflammation that protects the stomach. It's a perfect herb when "I'm frustrated and my stomach is sharp."

By the way"Garden of Andes"Is an organic, relatively expensive and expensive and expensive brand. I think the taste is easy to drink without habit.

Recommended for those who are stressed Ekinacea

It seems that if you are stressed, your immunity will decrease and you will be more likely to catch a cold or get sick.

In such a case, Ekinacea, an improved immunity, used as a can of the United States as a panacea. "Pukka"Is an organic tea and has a wide variety of brands.

The price is a bit high, but it is especially recommended for those who overuse their eyes on a computer all day with the blends of Elderberry and Ekinacea.

The taste is a little sour.

Those who are difficult to drink will make it easier to drink if you add honey or slightly thinner.

You can easily drink and enjoy the scent, so how about a change?

Is there a possibility of gap moe, not only for women but also for men? ?

Cold seasonFrustratingLet's survive with a warm herbal tea!

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