Haneda Airport Parking Lot Reservation System introduction and price increase during busy season

Finally, summer performance.
I think that there will be more opportunities to go abroad in the beautiful sea, and the opportunity to use Haneda Airport will increase.

Even if public transportation is convenient, when you have a lot of luggage, the car is still convenient.

However, during the summer holidays, the parking lot at Haneda Airport was full of parking lots in Haneda Airport, and I actually got over the plane.

Currently this site

Haneda airportParking lot reservation service

You can make a reservation from.
The reservation fee seems to cost 1000 yen separately from the parking fee, but it is cheaper than making a reservation and passing an airplane.

And the multi -passenger (busy season) fee will be introduced in the future.

In the busy season, the price is 1500 yen as before during the 2100 yen normal period.

In the summer, from July 15th to August 31st, this price increase and reservation system are hoped to eliminate the congestion of the parking lot. I am grateful that at least you can judge whether you can stop with the reservation system. If you have a surfboard or other luggage, the car is easy, and it is convenient for families with small children.

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