GREEN ROOM CAMP is coming to Minamiboso again this year!

The classic Beach Camp Festival GREENROOM CAMP '16 It will be held on September 3 (Sat) and 4 (Sun) at Nemoto Marine Campsite, Minamiboso City!Official site Performing artists, tickets, etc. are still undecided "On the beach that is so beautiful that sea turtles come to spawn, camp under the full starry sky with family and friends. Enjoy the music and beach activity played by artists Let's experience the importance and splendor of the beach! Let's make memories at the end of the summer with GreenRoom Camp! ! " The editorial department has also participated, but the Minamoto Marine Campsite is a beach festival that can be enjoyed by families with a very peaceful atmosphere with a full atmosphere of the festival. Introducing the appearance of the festival from the photo of the official website GRN YOGA ballance Kids Surf Greenroomcamp2 Green Room Camp Live Green Room Camp Store Parking tickets will also be released from the official website at the same time, but there will be a parking problem. In addition, since the camping tool (BBQ stove or refrigerator) must be carried on the beach, the parking lot is limited to the official parking lot. In fact, the editorial department stops in the parking lot a little away and carries heavy tools ... Because it is sand on the beach, it cannot be rolled up even if it has a wheel. Also, if you do not set up a tent early, you will quickly take up space. Very convenient to use parking lots efficiently! The parking fee is also expensive! I'd love toGo RidePlease enjoy Green Room Camp. MADOKA BUS3

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