Google developed AR "GogglePal" for snowboarder

Google has developed an AR display device for snowboarders.

The name is GogglePal

Just stick it on the existing goggles!

It is an excellent entertainment product that makes goggles into AR head -up displays, and can enjoy data measurement and friends games.

This is easy to wear easily. It may be easy and fun to contact your friends. It seems that the following functions are installed as standard.
  • Real -time speed
  • elevation
  • 6 -axis gyroscope
  • Calorie consumption
  • elapsed time
  • Mileage
Therefore, the air staying time and rotation speed can be measured. Over time, it may be smaller to the level that can be attached to Go Pro -like cameras. You may be worried about this too Wearable transceiver Bonx for snowboarder will be released in December 2015

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