Speaking of the place where the surfer stays, a guest house is common, but the area around Yugawara was small, the price was high, and it was a bit of a troublesome distance for a day trip from Tokyo. However, the Yugawara Surfer's accommodation problem is this guest houseThe Ryokan yugawaraMay that problem solve? And as shown in this photo, it is very beautiful, and the price is also very affordable. The price in the Japanese -style room is 5800 yen ~/Named breakfast room Dormitory is 1 person/3000 yen ~ The Ryokan Of course, there are hot springs. It is possible to take a bath only for baths and it costs 500 yen. bath bar It has a bar and it looks fun to drink sake like a yukata. Japanese -style room ryokan If you are lucky, you may be able to eat this! ?

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There are up to eight parking lots, and there is no need to make a reservation in the case of day -trip bathing, but when you stay, you need to check the parking lot in advance. It may be convenient to stay here when the waves are a little good and it is troublesome to return. It might be fun to stay with the traveler staying with the travelers who stay in seafood food from the hot springs after surfing to do another round of the next day of the waves.

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