Golden holidays & just before the holiday season! Useful items for long drives

From now on, it is getting warmer and the opportunity for long drives in the holiday season is likely to increase. Introducing useful items, internet services, etc. in such a case.

Stress -free with a good smell inside the car

Mille Fiori that makes the smell inside the car for a long time comfortable For more information, in this article Recommended vehicle air freshener Millefiori Milleo Riori 2 I've been using it recently, but it smells very good!

Move while sharing the music with a smartphone

FM transmitter This product has a USB port, so it can be charged and the cord is not messed up in the car!

Netflix a movie at the time of traffic jam!

DVDs are good in the car, but here are the recommended dramas and movies for Netflix that you can see your favorite content with eye pads in the case of traffic jams. [Column] Recommended domestic & overseas dramas that I tried to lack sleep on Netflix In such a movement, Pocket WiFi (Pocket WiFi) is recommended because tethering with a mobile phone will die. You can see it comfortably even while moving. In addition, you can keep the iPad in the vehicle and keep the navigation and netflix flushed.


It's almost time for the sunshine. Without this, it would be difficult to take a nap in the car, or if you leave the car in the daytime, the inside of the car will be high. It also has the effect of preventing the interior sunburn.

I want to travel wildly in the car!

If you want to stay in the car more wildly, this articleRecommendations in the car and tricks I stayed in the car for 2 months while surfing in Europe

Extra edition ACC (inter -car distance system, cruise control)

SCREEN SHOT 2016-04-10 at 6.32.22 PM The other day, I drove Subaru Forester (with eye site) from Minamiboso to Kawasaki. The so -called ACC will automatically recognize the distance between vehicles and apply the brake, which greatly reduces the burden on the driver (especially when traffic congestion). I felt that my fatigue was about half. I think that if this is steadily installed, it can be driven farther. For ACC, here JAFarticleIs detailed. The number of vehicles equipped with Subaru vehicles and Mitsubishi outrander is increasing steadily.

If you shake itGo Ride

How was it? If you travel a long distance, you can move and enjoy it.Go RideIs convenient after all! If you change your driving, you can move much more and more fun! MADOKA BUS3

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