GO OUT CAMP Kansai 2016 @ Steel Forest Kyoto

Popular magazine GO OUT's planning camp GO RIDE NEWS has been featured many times! Go out Camp vol.12 October 1, 2016 (Sat), 2 (Sun) Shizuoka Prefecture Fumotopara Campsite Go out Camp 2016 6/3 (Fri), 4 (Sat), 5 (Sun) @ Inawashiro Tenjinhama Auto Campsite 5 hours Driving 1 way is a share go ride!
This time, first check the venue for the event in Kansai! The steel forest is still in the mountains! It takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes by car from Osaka, but it is still difficult to access public transportation, so I want to get a car! MADOKA BUS3 Participating artist SCREEN SHOT 2016-09-07 at 3.12.07 PM Check the atmosphere with the annual Instagram

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The warm atmosphere is the best ~, the skate lamp looks fun! It is an event that both families and young people can enjoy, and when you look at the ticket corner, you can see this kind of ingenuity. SCREEN SHOT 2016-09-07 at 3.22.11 PM It is divided by area so that it is easy to spend in the family ~ This is a very good measure that both young and families can enjoy. Now, the transportation expenses are cheaper, and the fun doubles.Go RideLet's enjoy! Go Ride Wave

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