From LA to Yokohama! 2022 Japanese business trip experience report


Recently, you've heard the word working on a daily basis. Go Ride has a Yokohama office and LA office, where you may be on a business trip for training, facilitating communication between both offices, and events.

This time, I had a chance to go on a business trip from the LA office to the Yokohama office, so I would like to summarize it in the article!

It was a one -month business trip, the first two weeks, the Yokohama office, and the second half of the second half of my parents' home.

Preparation for departure

For the first time this time, I used Los Angeles <-> Narita Zip Air!

I think many people already knowZIPAIR does not have a luggage deposit fee or in -flight meal, so it is necessary to purchase and pay in advance.

In my case, I used Value Pack that can be purchased with the ticket.

Contents of Value Pack

  • Pre -seat specification

  • Pointed baggage (baggage left) 1 to 23kg

  • In -flight meal (Standard)

In addition to Value Pack, there is also a Biz Pack, which is convenient for a short -term business trip, and a Premium Pack that can bring more luggage and can spend more comfortably on the plane, so it would be nice to be able to choose according to the travel scene. 。

Corona countermeasures

The following two I had to prepare to enter Japan

  • Vaccination certificate(3 times)→ If not, submit a negative immigration pre -test certificate

  • Visit Japan WebRegister in

The Visit Japan Web allows you to enter vaccination certificates, passport information, and other transit information smoothly.

If you do not register on the Visit Japan Web, it will take a considerable amount of time to increase the number of procedures at the airport. Let's register in advance!

American airport and in -flight state


Currently, the mask rate is almost 0 % in the United States!

You can already go anywhere in the United States without a mask. There are few people who wear masks at restaurants, live concerts, theme parks, etc., and there is no need to show vaccination certificates or negative proofs.

However, the exception is in the plane. A Japanese airlineWhen using ZIPAIR, it is obliged to wear a mask.


When I returned to Japan, my seats were sparse, and fortunately nobody sat in the side two seats, so I was able to spend one row comfortably.

A few hours after the plane flies, you will bring your meal. It was very smooth because I bought a meal in advance.

As a precaution, the meal in the cabin is only once, so you may be hungry at the end of a long flight! Snacks such as cup ramen are sold at any time, but it may be good to bring something.

After about 10 hours of flight, we have arrived in Japan!

For the first time to Yokohama to Minato Mirai Office

Go Ride uses a room in WEWORK, a share office around the world.

If you are interested, please check it out!

What kind of atmosphere is the American share office? Introducing Go Ride LA Office!

In Minato Mirai's Wework, I got the impression that it was spacious compared to LA. You can overlook the sea of ​​Minato Mirai from a large window.


In the office, coffee and tea are always all -you -can -drink, but in the evening the beer is released. Furthermore, I saw many people who were interacting with beer at the end of work, and at the end of work.

This is a photo in the office of Go Ride. I rent a large room where 18 people enter.


Events such as Happy Hour were held irregularly in the company, so we were able to interact with employees who are not usually involved while eating pizza in the office.


Homecoming home

After two weeks of work at the Yokohama office, I worked remotely from my parents' house for two weeks. I met my dog ​​for the first time in a year and a half, and always snuggled up while working at my parents' house lol

It was two weeks when I had time to meet my family while on a business trip.


Returning home

The business trip for four weeks, which was busy at work but enjoyed, has passed quickly, and it has come to return to the United States.

When entering the United States, there are some things that need to be prepared smoothly to pass tariffs.

The first oneQualification for entering and staying in the United StatesIt is any visa (ESTA, J-1, etc.).

In the case of ESTA, you need to register the address of your stay in advance. In my case, I didn't need an address registration because it wasn't ESTA.

The secondDigital certificate application [Verifly]is.

Enter the confirmation of documents prepared according to the immigration conditions of the destination in advance. By displaying travel qualifications based on the registered information on the application screen, you can perform the boarding procedure smoothly. I have a memory of registering the inoculation status of Corona vaccine.

Some airlines are not introducedSo please check!

I realized that I had never eaten sushi just beforeI ate sushi at the airport.


On the way back (December), the cabin was in Christmas mode.


Narita → Los Angeles flights used were relatively vacant! Wi-Fi could be used on board, and I purchased a package at the time of booking, so I was able to have an in-flight meal when it was time and spend it comfortably.


Thank you for reading so far!

Go Ride is actively adopting each position in Yokohama and LA offices!

If you are interested, please comeHerefrom!

We look forward to your entry!

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