Frequently used SHOPIFY terms

by Tomoe Onishi

EC platform "SHOPIFY", which has accelerated the share in Japan
In this article, we will carefully select 20 from the terms often used in SHOPIFY.

Please refer to those who have been considering Shopify or have just begun to use!

Terms often used in SHOPIFY -Basic terms-


SHOPIFY is an EC platform that anyone can open an EC site immediately. It is used in more than 1.7 million stores in 175 countries around the world and has gained the world's No. 1 share.
Because of the cloud -type service, you do not need to manage the server yourself.
SHOPIFY has been founded in Canada, and has a high share rate overseas, so it can flexibly respond to cross -border and global EC.

2.Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is a type of SHOPIFY price plan.
There are three types of regular plans: a basic plan, a standard plan, and a premium plan, and what you can do depends on the price.
The top plan is SHOPIFY PLUS, which provides services with more powerful functions than large companies and stores with a large amount of transactions.

3.Shopify Partner (Shoppi Fi Partner)

Shopify Partner is a partnership connected by SHOPIFY and a company or sole proprietor. There are four types of SHOPIFY partners.

  1. Construction partner
  2. Referral partner
  3. Theme development partner
  4. App development partner

In addition, there are ranks among partners.

  • Shopify Experts
  • Shopify Plus Partner

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Terms often used in SHOPIFY -Construction--

4. Theme

The theme is SHOPIFYIt is a template used to build a store. There are free and paid ones.

Shopify theme storeThen, you can select a theme by narrowing down by function, such as the industry type of appliances, interiors, and miscellaneous goods, the SKU amount of products to be sold, the age confirmation authentication function, and the bread waste list.

Because you can trial for free, you can check the design and functions before purchasing the theme.

5. Section

Section is a CMS function that can place rich text, slide show function, click button, etc. on the edit screen (customizer) when building a site.
SHOPIFY allows you to build an ideal layout with no code.

6. Collection

A collection is one of the product management functions that group products and make it easier to find products by category.
Since the setting method is both manual and automatic, it is possible to specify the conditions and generate them automatically.

7. Metafield

Metafield is a function that allows you to add information registration (product master) to any location.
By default, you can set the product registration screen for product names, descriptions, prices, options/variations, etc.
It is useful when you want to add the weight (weight) of the product size (size) package size product weight (weight), special notes. Metafields can be easily set from the management screen, but you need to be careful because you need an application for collective imports and editing in the product CSV.

8.Shopify app

SHOPIFY is a service for function expansion called the SHOPIFY app.
You can solve issues that cannot be realized with the default function alone with various apps created by various development companies.

Shopify app storeAs of 2022, there are more than 6000 apps, and it can be implemented at lower cost and speedy rather than developing functions from zero.

We are also developing a subscription app for SHOPIFY!

Please take a look at this.

What is SHOPIFY's regular purchase (subsc) app "GO SUBSCRIDE"?

9.Liquid (liquid)

Liquid is a unique template language for building SHOPIFY based on Ruby. Liquid, like other template languages, is a necessary language to bridge HTML files and data and open the store.

Terms often used in SHOPIFY -Marketing-

10.Shopify Flow

It is a free marketing app that automates various tasks and processing in the operation of the SHOPIFY store.
The Shopify Flow has a wide variety of templates and can be used for various scenes with no code. Various business flows can be efficient by automating e -commerce operations, such as receiving email notification automatically when the store is lost.

11.Shopify Markets

SHOPIFY has had the necessary functions at the cross -border EC, but in "SHOPIFY MARKETS", you can set a more consistent set of countries and regions that are targeted when building cross -border and global EC sites. It has come.
Items that can be set include domain, language, currency, price adjustment, tariffs, and delivery.
This makes it easy to launch a cross -border and global EC in any size store.

12.Shopify Inbox

SHOPIFY INBOX is a function that allows you to communicate with customers on the EC site and exchange in real time.
You can display conversations with customers, create automatic reply, analysis, etc. from the management screen. Users can interact with the store and real -time communication during shopping, leading to improving customer experiences.

13.shopific automation

SHOPIFY automation is a marketing function that allows you to create personalized emails.
For example, at the right time for the user who has dropped the basket, "The product is in the cart"You can automatically distribute emails with content.

From a basket drop, check -out, up -cell, coupon distribution for new members, to custom flow creation.

Terms often used in SHOPIFY -Check -out edition-

14.Shopify Payment

Shopify Payment is a payment service provided by SHOPIFY. It supports Visa, MasterCard, JCB, and American Express, the main credit card brand in Japan.
The biggest advantage of using SHOPIFY Payment is that there is no additional charge other than the payment fee, and there is no need for transaction fees and transfer fees.

15.Shop Pay

Shop Pay is a function that allows you to save your email address, credit card information, delivery and claim information.

When shopping in a store that is enabled, you can easily make payments using saved information.
The time is reduced at the time of check -out, and you can connect to the flow line to the purchase without stress.

16.shopify POS

SHOPIFY POS is a POS system provided by SHOPIFY. It can be used simply by installing and setting the app.
It is possible to collectively manage sales management, inventory management, customer management, etc. at actual stores and EC sites.

A common term used in SHOPIFY -Glossary often used in the EC industry-

17. Full -fillment

A full -file generally refers to "work that occurs from ordering a product to reach it." "Writing, inspection", "Shelf -in -product storage,", "call business, order processing", "Picking", "inspection", "packing", "shipment", the simplified work of Leffation operations by linking SHOPIFY and external systems. It is also possible to realize it.

18. Location

A location in SHOPIFY refers to the location of the product. Businesses that are consistently shipped from the location of the store do not need to be set, but if there are multiple products shipments, you can register each warehouse and arrange inventory as needed.

19. Merchant

It refers to individuals and companies that sell products and provide services, and SHOPIFY calls shops that operate EC sites.

20. Multi -channel Commerce Platform

What is a multi -channel?It refers to having multiple media and routes, such as SNS platforms such as Instagram, online marketplace such as Amazon, Rakuten, and actual stores.

SHOPIFY is a platform that can increase sales channels by collaborating with various channels, and all of them can be centrally managed on SHOPIFY. It is perfect for all EC businesses from individuals to large companies, and all tools and services necessary for business launch and growth are available.


What did you think. Did you have any SHOPIFY terms you already know?

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