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I think that there are many people who are busy with work, year -end party, and events at the end of the year as well as the rest of the year. At that time, isn't it one important year -end annual thing?

yes New Year's card creation is!

There are various styles in creating New Year's cards, but this time we will introduce New Year's cards that can be created with free online tools and can be sent immediately by SNS or email.

New Year's card that can be sent on SNS

Posukuma Forest New Year's card shop

Simply register as a friend of LINE and send a photo to create a New Year's card.

5 patterns can be selected as semi -orders from the button of the New Year's card.

I actually used it. The made New Year's card can be sent by LINE as it is.

When I created several sheets, depending on the design, the photos were cut off and the colors were crisp, but the operation was easy and I was looking forward to what kind of design was completed.

It is not a New Year's card, but you can also create a LINE stamp.
Handmade style stamp creation tool
Postcard design kit 2018

You can easily create a New Year's card using a template.

It seems that the data storage specification is slightly different between the PC and the mobile phone, but if you select printing with a printer after ordering a mobile phone, the image storage item will appear on the terminal.
Tsumugu New Year 2018

This is the app, but you can create a New Year's card using a template.

To save the image, you need to register an ID and password.

Mail type New Year's card that can be used in business


Mail Chimp is a free overseas mail distribution system for free and many features.

Email editing has several existing templates and can be easily edited by dragging and dropping.

It is also possible to create an original template.

By the way, you can register up to 2,000 e -mail addresses and send up to 12,000 per month.

Recommended for those who have not yet created business emails, have created New Year's cards but want to send more emails.

With online tools, it is still in time for creating a last minute New Year's card!

If you haven't made a New Year's card yet, why not use it?

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